Catering: the Family Menu for Outdoor Meals 29.06.2015

catering by the family menu@photo

When it comes to spending time with your family, nothing is more important than nurturing those moments, as you can rarely unite your family, especially in today’s very demanding society. When you do manage to bring in the family together, the experience can be amazing, yet you do need to think about catering the family menu in order for everyone to have a great experience.
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8 Foods Not To Eat at First Date 26.06.2015

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Wait… why NOT to eat these eight? Enough of restrictions! Coming up with first date ideas can feel overwhelming. Assuming you’ve already made an effort to appear presentable and have somehow come to an agreement on where to meet, here are eight dinner ideas that you absolutely shouldn’t worry about. Because when you are considering meals for two, whether they are meals for date nights or just a pair of friends dining together, eating whatever you want should never between you and yours.

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Losing Weight Grocery List: Which Drinks to Avoid 16.06.2015

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We all want to lose weight, and in many situations we focus solely on what we eat. However, the reality is that the losing weight grocery list should focus on drinks as well, because there are many drinks that can fatten you, so you need to be weary in regards to what you drink. There are many drinks that come with hundreds of calories, and the more you drink, the larger the problem can be. This is why we have created a list with some of the drinks that you have to avoid if you want to lose weight faster and without any hassle.
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“Buy Me a Pie!” is giving away 1 year of PRO subscription! (FINISHED) 11.06.2015

"Buy Me a Pie!" giveaway

We’re anxious to announce good news: “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS has its 4th anniversary! This has been a really long way and amazing time: from a small app with a single grocery list up to a feature-rich cross-platform service, daily used by over 75 thousand of people, with over 6 million downloads worldwide. We would like to take this opportunity and thank you, people, for being with us during these years! “Buy Me a Pie!” would not be what it is without your feedback and support. We appreciate your trust in our application, we value every single idea suggested, issue reported and payment made.

We can’t make out any better way to thank you than make a little present to our iOS users.
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Shopping List of Healthy Antioxidant Rich Foods 09.06.2015

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Ever feel a little rusty in life? That could be because we’re all rusting. Antioxidants in food actually do what their name implies. They prevent the oxidation process in our cells. We are organic, of course, so there’s no real worry that we’ll start flaking like a rusty bumper on an old junkyard car, but if we want to stay as fit as possible we should keep healthy food lists readily available while considering what to eat.

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Quick Dinner Recipes That Aren’t Short on Taste 05.06.2015

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Anyone could tell you that preparing and serving a home-cooked meal every night is no small feat. If only we could provide scrumptious, quick dinners without slaving over a hot stove! Maybe you think the only way you can provide quick dinners is to hit the drive-thru. Well, you need to rethink quick dinner recipes!

We’ve come up with four quick dinner recipes that can be prepped and cooked in a half hour or less. Quick dinner recipes are all about using flavourful ingredients in crafty ways. Ours span the spectrum of ethnic dishes, and we hope you find these quick recipes for dinner delectable and dependable!
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