Road Trip Ready: What To Eat 09.07.2013



If you’ve ever taken a car trip you know that eventually you’re going to get hungry. And if you’re traveling with children it seems as if they are hungry the entire drive. Stopping to eat can be a huge waste of time as well as become quite costly.

You can plan ahead to have plenty of snacks on hand but it’s important to choose foods that travel well. You don’t want messy, drippy foods or things that need heated. Simple, hand-held foods, preferably that don’t require utensils, are best.
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Save time by setting up your grocery list in the right order 05.07.2013


For me, this was the most logical thing I had ever heard, yet the hardest thing to do. I would prepare my grocery list at home and add everything to it when it ran out. However, when I would be at the store, I would be wandering from one end to the other, just to get everything on my list. Because my list had everything to do with my home, and nothing with my store.
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No Time For Breakfast? No More Excuses! 03.07.2013


We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Of course it’s wise to start your long and busy day with a healthful meal to keep you going. But sometimes we wake up late or are keeping such a tight schedule that breakfast gets pushed aside. How can you make sure you start your day right without spending a lot of time preparing a good breakfast?
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Smart grocery packing; save time when you get home 28.06.2013


As I said in the “pick the right queue” post, as soon as I am done with my shopping list, I want to get home. Once I have gotten all my goods, I find I have little to no reason to walk around the supermarket. My mind just wanders off to the other things I want to do that day. If you are anything like me, then you also dislike the next phase after the shopping has been done. The unpacking and stacking as I have called it. It is the phase when you get all your groceries home and then need to stack them in the various cupbboards, drawers, fridge and freezer. An exercise that can cost you a lot of time. But you can also save a lot of time, if you spend a little thought on it while shopping.
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Save time and money shopping by using extra ingredients in new meals 25.06.2013


I love cooking and I especially love cooking with fresh ingredients. There is something about the taste and the texture of fresh ingredients that triggers me. I just enjoy it more. However, cooking with fresh ingredients does have a downside. For many recipes, I need amounts that are not similar to the amounts the supermarkets offer me. Which means that I will have lots of great ingredients left over. After all, I can not buy half a cauliflower or three lettuce leaves.

Obviously I do not want to waste good food. And I do not want to waste money. So, if you ever find yourself in this position, I might have found you an easy solution that suits me very well. And that solution can be found online on the many recipe websites.
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How To Eat Well At The Office 19.06.2013

If work keeps you so busy you find yourself grabbing fast food and heading back to the office at lunch time, or sneaking off to the vending machine in the afternoon, it’s time to pack some healthy food to take with you.

The right foods can keep you satisfied and energized for your day. The alternatives can have you bloated, sleepy, hungry or crashing from a sugar rush.

For many people the idea of not only having to figure out what to take but then prepare and bring it, can be somewhat overwhelming. But you don’t need to bring complicated food for it to be healthy.
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Save money while shopping by having cash on you 17.06.2013


A supermarket is a place to be tempted. Or at least, that is what supermarket management seems to think. Which means that they will do anything to get us to buy more than we need. And often, we do. Or at least, I do. I am easily tempted into getting that new flavor of crisps, that new sausage or cheese or some new type of anything. Especially when the promotion team is in the supermarket and you can hardly say no to such lovely smiles.
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Ordering versus cooking: save time and money by shopping and cooking your own food 14.06.2013

Have you ever come home exhausted from a long day at work, or after a long trip? You come home with that empty feeling in your stomach and you just want to have a quick meal. Or perhaps you just do not feel like cooking at all. You do not feel like standing in the kitchen and doing all the work that is needed to put a meal on the table. So, you dig into the folders of the local take-aways, drive-ins and meal delivery services. However, you can be having a meal quicker by making it yourself. And save a lot of money in the process.
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You CAN Grocery Shop With Kids and Stay Sane…I Promise! 10.06.2013

Boy with shopping cart

For some of us, going grocery shopping alone feels like a much needed vacation. However, sometimes that respite just isn’t feasible. So how can you make grocery shopping with your kids in tow a little bit easier?

I have four kids and run an in-home daycare (and sometimes need to take my daycare kiddo shopping with me) so I know how challenging it can be. I’ve got a few tips that can help you get the groceries while keeping your sanity in tact.
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