How to pick the fastest queue at the cash registry 07.06.2013


Of all the challenges we encounter when we do our shopping, this must be the biggest ever. You have done all your shopping and you are ready to pay and go home. For me, that means that I am really ready to go home. As soon as I have all my things in my cart or basket, I just want to leave the supermarket and head to the next thing. However, there is one thing that stands between me and my freedom. The cash registry.

When you are shopping, you are never alone. Which means that there will be multiple cash registries open and they will all have a line. And the biggest challenge is how you can pick the best line to make sure you are out as fast as you can.
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Your Grocery Store Is Tricking You 04.06.2013

smart shopping

Have you ever left the grocery store wondering how you spent so much more than you had planned? Don’t get down on yourself. Grocery stores use a variety of tricks to lure you into buying items you hadn’t intended, as well as the most expensive version of items on your list.

Being aware of these tricks, and knowing how to avoid them, can go along way in keeping your grocery budget under control.

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Save time shopping by not trying to rush it 31.05.2013

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There are a number of best practices when you do your shopping. And I would love to share them with you through this blog over the coming weeks. They are all things that I have learned myself through years of unnecessarily long shopping trips and coming home with the wrong things at the wrong times. The good thing is that this was just me. I am sure you have never experienced this, and by the time you have read all the posts I am going to write, you never will.

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Sun, Fun and Food: Your Ultimate Picnic Checklist 29.05.2013


As weather gets warmer you can’t help but want to spend time outside. Longer days beckon us to work, play and even eat outdoors. What better way to enjoy food and friends outside than with a picnic?

Whether you’ve never been on a picnic in your life or you’re a picnic pro, this list will have you well equipped to enjoy a great summer meal.
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«Buy Me a Pie!» Goes Thai 28.05.2013


Russian winter is not just a season – it’s a way of life. Trust us, it’s really cold here in winter months.That’s why this year the «Buy Me a Pie!» team decided to experiment and moved to Koh Samui, Thailand for a month. The idea was to see how the climate change affects efficiency and team spirit. Now that we’re back, and the initial excitement is over, we’ll share our impressions with you.
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Never return home to find out you forgot something 24.05.2013

Image thanks to

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Has this ever happened to you? It has happened to me. After doing my grocery shopping, I got home and found that I had forgotten that one vital ingredient for my meal that evening. And it always seems to happen on days when I really do not have the time to go back and pick up that last ingredient. Which is unfortunate as there is no other option than to turn around and go straight back to the store.

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Simplify Grocery Shopping With Just A Little Planning 23.05.2013

fruit at market

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task. How many times have you walked out of the store with a cart full of things you don’t need and nothing to turn into a full meal? It’s easy enough to do as stores pack more and more items into every inch of available space, placed in just the right way to grab your (or your child’s) attention.

But it is possible to get in, get your groceries and get out without wasting time or money and having everything you need to feed your family well. The key to turning that dreaded grocery store trip into a success is a plan.
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«Buy Me a Pie!» — one of the world’s most popular grocery lists for iPhone Birth and Growth Story 22.05.2013


from Sergey Bulaev,
CEO & Co-founder of «Buy Me a Pie!»

PMaP header

Despite the widely spread belief that nearly every promising and persistent developer is destined for immediate success in Silicon Valley, that’s hardly true in real life and happens about as often as winning the lottery. In most cases huge success is built upon a series of little victories for your team from the very beginning. The more time that passes since your last little victory, without a new little one, the less chance you have for huge success.
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