8 Foods Not To Eat at First Date 26.06.2015

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Wait… why NOT to eat these eight? Enough of restrictions! Coming up with first date ideas can feel overwhelming. Assuming you’ve already made an effort to appear presentable and have somehow come to an agreement on where to meet, here are eight dinner ideas that you absolutely shouldn’t worry about. Because when you are considering meals for two, whether they are meals for date nights or just a pair of friends dining together, eating whatever you want should never between you and yours.

1. Go Nuts

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Strawberry is so romantic, this is a must for a date dinner! And if meeting for coffee, order a poppyseed bagel and get some of those seeds stuck in your teeth. Plan on it. Heck, bite big and make it your goal. Because do you really want to spend your time with someone who doesn’t warn you when you’ve got something stuck in the pearly whites? You can’t trust those people.

2. Go Green!

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Your pearly whites are amazing, so nothing can cast a shadow on your smile, even tiny pieces of leafy greens all over your teeth.

3. Crack Some Crustaceans

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If seafood is your jam then order the most difficult to eat item on the menu. Why? Well, those crab legs and those tiny forks might be challenging, but life will throw much bigger things your way. You want people in your life who can handle challenges with humor and positivity.

4. Breathe Like A Dragon

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Do you really want to spend countless nights without eating your favorite flavors? Do you like spicy, bad-breath inducing foods? Then embrace your inner dragon and breathe some fire. If your date really wants to get up close to you later, they’ll do the same. Dragon-breath repels dragon-breath. Burn up the night together!

5. Don’t Forget the Bubbly

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Whether it’s champagne or beer, definitely allow time for the occasional burp. Sure, it may not be classically fancy, but everybody does it. Someone who gets bent out of shape over a little burp is potentially dangerous. If something so small ruins their impression of you, then that ought to ruin your impression of them. Make them pick up the tab and move on… Once you’ve earned a little buzz, of course.

6. Finger Food

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BBQ ribs, wings, spaghetti, nachos and burgers bigger than your mouth – show your date that you’re a sociable fellow, uninhibited and informal. If your date isn’t a jerk, they’ll find a spot of sauce on your cheek adorable and may even sweetly help you remove it.

7. Gas Up

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Beans, chili, beans burrito and dairy-based foods may give you a good reason to laugh and defuse the tension of the first date.

8. Order Sloppy, Saucy Noodles or Soup

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Dig in and slurp up. If the kitchen knows what they’re doing, it’ll be hard to resist. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good pile of noodles isn’t worth much time anyway. And as a meal for two there’s always that cliché chance of slurping up the same noodle into a kiss. Too cute.


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