Catering: the Family Menu for Outdoor Meals 29.06.2015

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When it comes to spending time with your family, nothing is more important than nurturing those moments, as you can rarely unite your family, especially in today’s very demanding society. When you do manage to bring in the family together, the experience can be amazing, yet you do need to think about catering the family menu in order for everyone to have a great experience.

Which is the ideal family picnic menu?

Depending on where your picnic takes place, the family picnic menu might vary a little bit. A good idea here would be the oil and vinegar slaw, the grilled veggies, as well as the curried chicken salad that brings an amazing experience since it is a very refined dish as a whole.

When you are catering the family menu you should also think about adding some nice recipes like the fried green tomatoes, as well as the cucumber and tomato salad, the burgers which include cheese, onion and bacon or you can opt for a salad that includes strawberries and spinach.

The interesting thing here is that you can combine a variety of things, but the main concern is to opt for something healthy that will truly suit the outdoor environment. You don’t have to opt for something exquisite right from the start, instead you can focus on something that’s easy to digest and relaxing as a whole.

Some other great outdoor meals include the perfect potato salad, an avocado salad, the grilled salmon, a colorful coleslaw, the wheat berry salad or the vinegar brined ribs. It all comes to you and your family when it comes to compiling a good meal for your picnic, but these are by far the best recipes you can use.

Which is the best family camping menu?

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When you go outdoors, you do need to prepare an appropriate family camping menu, and the most convenient way to handle it is to make a list! But with so many recipes out there, it can be hard to determine the one that actually pertains to such an activity. So, which is the best menu for camping? Let’s see!

First, you do need barbecue, as this is the main reason to go camping in the first place. The meat you place on the grill can vary, from pork to chicken or beef, it all comes down to you.

Another good idea is to cook some Italian meatballs and combine them with tomato sauce, but at the same time do remember about the campfire treats such as the spiced nuts which are the epitome of the whole experience.

Do try and bring in some vegetarian meals as well, since they are crucial. Of course, aside from these, you should try to get some treats with you as well, such as brownies, maybe a ginger cake or lemon drizzle.

All in all, this should be the menu for your outdoor meals, so don’t hesitate and implement it as you will have a lot of fun while eating these amazing meals. Just give it a try, you will be amazed with the results!


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