How Long Does Milk Last? 17.04.2015

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Milk is a nutritious dairy that is found among meals that are consumed by many people all over the world. It is one of those sources we derive from protein for our body. Healthy meal is not complete without a milk in it and rightly so. The contributions of milk to a healthy family cannot be underestimated and it will continue to be favorite healthy meal for many people and undisputed family food. As popular and useful milk is, it has rather short time to stay on the shelf compare with other products. However many people, including even some nutritionists, do not agree on life span of milk. Perhaps, the fact that there are various ways of storing milk to last longer contribute to diverging views on this matter. As a matter of fact, agreeing on the life span of milk is not an easy task. Besides, various studies have been giving conflicting healthy tips to people which have not actually helped shoppers to determine the life span of milk. However, despite this challenge, it is comforting to know that it is not actually difficult to know how long milk can last. Let us examine some facts.

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5 Healthiest Grains 14.04.2015

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Diversifying your diet is the best way to have a healthy family and obtain the best possible results through clean eating. One of the most interesting methods that you can use in order to live a longer life and maintain your overall health is to include grains in your diet. Simply put, with the help of grains you can literally burn the fat in your body and promote health, which will lead to a better sense of self-confidence and astounding results for you as a whole.
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Healthy Eating: Butter or Margarine? 10.04.2015

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When it comes to providing a healthy meal for your family it can be difficult to find the right food nutrition. This is compounded by the fact that you want a healthy family and yet also want the meals to taste good. So when you come across the issue of butter or margarine which do you use? There are various butters and substitutes on the market today and creating a healthy shopping list can be challenging. The following article will outline the differences between butter and its substitutes as well as provide some grocery shopping tips and supermarket ideas so that you can provide your family with healthy eating habits. Читать дальше “Healthy Eating: Butter or Margarine?” »

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Beware of Toxic Water Bottles! 08.04.2015

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A healthy meal wouldn’t be complete without some refreshing water. Most of us are used to purchasing bottled water without a single thought. Yet, studies have shown that certain plastics contain chemicals and contaminants that can cause serious harm.

Use these shopping tips to protect yourself and your loved ones from toxic plastic bottles. Looking at the bottom of these containers will tell you what you need to know, but only if you understand them!
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Buying spices: what, where and how much? 03.04.2015


Eating well is one of the most important things in our lives, because it gives us energy and thus the day to day activities are much easier. At the same time, getting some healthy food for your family meal is important. But while eating raw food is a good idea, from millennia now people have started to use spices in order to enrich the taste of their food. Few things have changed since then, because even the way we prepare spices, with the mortar and pestle, has remained roughly the same. What has changed is the way we combine them with food and the astounding results that we obtain as a whole thanks to this!

Buying spices can be quite challenging at first, because there are so many flavors out there, and this is exactly why we have created this small guide to help you get the spices you need.
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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips: Fresh versus Frozen 24.03.2015

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A healthy family means preparing healthy meals throughout the week.  But fresh produce can be expensive, especially in the winter months. How can you buy healthy food without draining your wallet?
Well, you do not have to sacrifice food nutrition for the amount of groceries you buy at your local grocery store.  Most stores have a wide variety of fresh produce and frozen vegetables so you have plenty to choose from.  We’ve compiled some shopping tips on how to pick nutritious ingredients so healthy food can get back on your family grocery list.
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Grocery Shopping Tips: How to Select and Buy Bread 20.03.2015

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If walking down the bread aisle feels like trying to decipher a calculus equation, we are here to help you with a little food nutrition guide 101. Perhaps a little more than a decade ago, you didn’t need to be an astrophysicist to bring home the bread literally. Now, just like the ways of earning a living has changed, you know earning some bread, buying bread has also changed. Nowadays, people are much more self-aware about the foods they choose to put in their bodies. The buzz word is choice. This article sheds some light on some healthy tips and smart shopping to help you keep some of those hard-earned dollars where they belong – your pockets. Shopping on a budget is a skill that can be mastered. Part math to fit your budget, and art to determine the best fit bread for yourself and your family’s needs. Learning how to spend less on groceries is a talent worth nurturing, after all, you have to grocery shop for life.
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Tips and Tricks for Shopping Smart and Buying the Freshest Fish 17.03.2015


You’re smart, so you know that fish is a healthy alternative to meat. You know that there is a variety to choose from; there’s salmon, blue fish, perch, and tuna to name a few. But how do you go grocery shopping for fish that is fresh and won’t bust your family shopping budget? Smart food shopping is never easy and shopping for fish can be intimidating. But don’t worry! Read our tips on buying fresh seafood and you will become a fish shopping guru.
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