Meal Planning for Kids Birthday Parties 07.10.2015

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When planning a kid’s birthday party, you can’t forget the food. Rather than stress out over appealing to each child’s distinct taste, try these meal planning ideas that are sure to please. These tips will become the superstars of the food table, and they are made of items you already include on your grocery list. Just remember these main points to have a party menu the kids will love.
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Healthy Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipes in a Flash! 02.10.2015

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We are being bombarded by smoothies, but watch out! Not all smoothies are created equally. You may think you are making the smart choice at the mall or coffee shop, but that smoothie you’re drinking is probably loaded with added sugars and calories. In fact, it may not be nutritious at all! So try these healthy fresh fruit smoothie recipes that you can whip up at home in no time. They use the right stuff: fruits and veggies to give you flavor and nutrition. So head to the market, snag the freshest produce, and get your blender ready. These are 4 recipes you have got to try!
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5 Most Popular Products According to “Buy Me a Pie!” Statistics 16.09.2015

We’ve always been curious what you, dear readers, really eat. We’ve written a lot about what to eat, and what not to eat, what is delicious and what is easy to cook – but we know that whatever we say, you have your own preferences, habits and cultural peculiarities. So we have analysed the anonymous data on our “Buy Me a Pie!” servers and got top-5 of products, most often added to the grocery lists by our users in 5 countries, in which we have the largest number of users. The result appears to be dazzling – all of us, regardless of country, can not live without 2 products! What are they? And what are other national hits? Let’s see!
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