Shopping List of Healthy Antioxidant Rich Foods 09.06.2015

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Ever feel a little rusty in life? That could be because we’re all rusting. Antioxidants in food actually do what their name implies. They prevent the oxidation process in our cells. We are organic, of course, so there’s no real worry that we’ll start flaking like a rusty bumper on an old junkyard car, but if we want to stay as fit as possible we should keep healthy food lists readily available while considering what to eat.

Great Bites to Keep on a Healthy Food Shopping List

Oxidation is actually a natural process in our bodies. We need it to live but we also need to keep the right balance and eat foods that aid in maintaining that balance. An unhealthy diet too low in antioxidants can cause oxidative stress and damaging levels of free radicals in cells. It’s science stuff, but free radicals are reactive, tiny pieces of matter with unbalanced electrons. These volatile little atoms and molecules essentially bounce around and break stuff and can damage or kill cells. This all happens naturally and is nothing to be too worried about, but eating the right foods can keep them in check.

The way our bodies break down and digest foods is complicated. Our nutritional needs vary from person to person and our individual body chemistry influences how effectively we absorb nutrients. We are all unique, but here is a nice list of healthy foods to keep in mind while browsing the grocery. After all, you’ve likely heard time and time again that berries like blueberries are great for antioxidants, but consider this little healthy foods list for some great additions.

Healthy Grocery List Ideas

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  • Spinach, Kale, Collard Greens, Broccoli

Eat these and then eat some more. They are packed with nutrients. Varieties of antioxidants abound in these veggies. They’ll deliver C, E, and A vitamins as well as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals help prevent inflammation, heart disease, and are often underrepresented in our diets. Kale and spinach in particular also contain a strong portion of Lutein. And in addition to antioxidant benefits, lutein helps with eye and vision health in part by strengthening the eyes’ resistance to damage from UV rays.

  • Get Nutty

Unless you have an allergy, nuts are a fantastic and nutritious addition to nearly any food. Walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts in particular have high levels of antioxidants. They are protein rich and all contain beneficial and healthy fats and oils. Walnuts have high levels of omega-3 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Pecans are a tasty source of manganese and potentially help the body reduce cholesterol levels due to the presence of plant sterols. Hazelnuts pack a good dose of vitamins E, B6 and B9 and are also a great source of manganese.

  • Eggs

Lutein is also present in the yolk of eggs and is rather efficiently absorbed due to the fat content also in the yolk. Remember, fat content isn’t always a bad thing in foods and while a brimming bowl of spinach might contain more antioxidants overall, tossing an egg into the mix can be a tasty way to get a bit more of the good stuff, too.

  • Yogurt

This easy snack is a great way to digest a healthy boost of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). It’s a necessary vitamin for processing the essential nutrients vitamin B6 and folate. B2 also contributes to the healthy production of red blood cells. All that makes yogurt a perfect candidate for your healthy food list.

  • Carrots

An excellent source of vitamin A which the body metabolizes from the the various carotenes and lutein present in the root vegetable. This vitamin is important for eye health but also for the immune system and muscle growth and maintenance. Additionally, the small amount of falcarinol may help resist the growth of various types of cancers.

Remember These for Your Healthy Food Shopping List

This short list of healthy foods is by no means exhaustive, but these are a great start for a nutritious, antioxidant rich diet. Keep these in mind and continue to explore with your taste buds to grow a tasty and diverse healthy foods list that you’ll always remember.


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