Losing Weight Grocery List: Which Drinks to Avoid 16.06.2015

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We all want to lose weight, and in many situations we focus solely on what we eat. However, the reality is that the losing weight grocery list should focus on drinks as well, because there are many drinks that can fatten you, so you need to be weary in regards to what you drink. There are many drinks that come with hundreds of calories, and the more you drink, the larger the problem can be. This is why we have created a list with some of the drinks that you have to avoid if you want to lose weight faster and without any hassle.

The older we get, the more prone we are to accumulate weight from calories, so we do need to pay complete attention in regards to the healthy grocery list that we create, and include only healthy drinks in it, because the results can be seen very fast.

High-fructose corn syrup

Many persons tend to include this in the losing weight grocery list, but the reality is that this is one of the main reasons why the US population has to deal with obesity, placed right near fast food. So yes, the high-fructose corn syrup is very damaging to the human body as a whole, which means that it has to be avoided at all times. This is why you have to stay away from the soft drinks, fruit juices or sports drinks that include it.


Soda brings in many calories, but at the same time these calories aren’t that healthy for the body to begin with, so other than quench your thirst this soda doesn’t do anything else for you, something that is very easy to understand. Exclude this beverage from your healthy shopping list if you really want it to be healthy.

Drinks that include carbs

There are many drinks which include carbs, but you have to avoid them, instead make sure that your calorie intake comes from solids instead of liquids, as these are harder to digest and just don’t manage to bring your body the impressive results that you might want.


Yes, alcohol is another thing that you should avoid because it’s not ok for your body and thus it has to be avoided at all times or you have at least to lower the consumption.

Vitamin water

It might sound like a good idea to include it on your healthy grocery list but this include chemicals that will influence your body towards accumulating fat, and that is definitely something you have to avoid at all times.


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Sure, smoothies are refreshing but most of them are rich in calories, so what you have to do in this regard is to find the ones that are low in calories, because there are many recipes in this regard. You do need to try and avoid that at all times.

Rice milk

Rice milk might be included in the healthy grocery list, but the reality is that this type of drink is filled with lots of fats, and it’s mostly starchy water. It doesn’t really bring in a lot of vitamins, but it does provide you with lots of proteins as well as fats that will make you lose weight and, of course, we all want to avoid such a thing.


Aside from being unhealthy from a wide range of reasons, beer also comes with a wide range of disadvantages due to the high number of calories. This, combined with the fact that people usually drink more than a single beer which is the recommended amount clearly shows my avoiding beer is a very good idea, especially if you want to lose weight in a professional manner and as fast as possible. If beer is in your grocery list, that’s a grocery list for weight gain.

Sports drinks

These are filled with chemicals, pretty much like vitamin water, so you do need to try and avoid them, because in the end they might make you fatter.

Soy milk

Many people tend to state that soy is healthy and indeed, it does have numerous such properties. On the other hand though, it can be quite a damaging product as a whole, so you need to treat it with extra care because this one has a very high calorie amount, so even if you do need it, don’t overdo it, as it can be unhealthy for your body as a whole.

Cranberry juice cocktail

Cocktails in general are mixes of drinks that you might not want to intake, but the Cranberry juice cocktail is one of the most calorie filled ones, so you need to pay complete attention at all times.


Of course, not all shakes are unhealthy, but the more they include in them, the higher the calories and fat accumulation as a whole. Avoid those large shakes and instead go for something low-fat, refined as this is the best choice you can make.

As you can see, the losing weight grocery list shouldn’t include these drinks, because these will not work well with your great diet. Avoid them and see how well you will feel in the end, not to mention that the results will be well worth it!


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