How to Make Grocery List That Keeps You and Your Wallet Satisfied 19.06.2015

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It really is possible to cook delectable meals that won’t break the bank. You just need to know some insider tips like the ones that help with making a grocery list that is fun, flavorful, and fair to your wallet.

Build a Base of Vegetables

The most savvy shoppers know how to make grocery list that stretches possibilities. A limited budget doesn’t mean dull and boring meals. Veggies are where to start as they are at the heart of most dishes. Economically they are super money-savers, and nutritionally they’re at the head of the pack. An added bonus is buying in-season produce which allows you to get a variety of veggies and fruits all year long. Some produce that is always inexpensive includes cauliflower, cabbage, whole carrots, onions, celery, sweet potatoes, watermelon, bananas, oranges, pears, honeydew, and plums.

Don’t Discount Dairy

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If you think dairy is a budget and waistline-killer, think again. Many recipes use butter rather than oil, and despite it being more costly than other items on your list, it goes a long way in adding creamy and rich flavor. You can also rest assured that a bit of butter everyday will not sabotage your figure. Dairy items can be huge meal enhancers as long as you know how to make grocery list like a pro. Try using plain yogurt, honey, or maple syrup, which are wonderful mix-ins for dips, sauces, and more. As for cheese, go with a less expensive type like Romano or some zesty queso fresco.

Choose Proteins That Pack a Punch

Protein is an important part of any meal and chicken and eggs help me make a grocery list that is varied and affordable. You can save by either purchasing a whole chicken, or if you have a smaller brood to cook for, chicken thighs. Boneless breasts will set you back about $2.00 more than thighs, so you can supplement your savings with a dozen eggs. These are nature’s perfect food: nutritious, easy to cook, and suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Get Your Grains

You can’t have a well-rounded meal made only of vegetables or fruit, so be sure to supplement with other food groups. Adding some versatile grains is part of how to make a good grocery list. You can switch it up each week, especially since they keep in your pantry for months. Give kasha, millet, pasta, barley or quinoa a try. They are a nice substitute for rice and add a nutritional punch! Be sure to purchase bulk packages, which will save money in the long run. Smaller boxes usually come with dinky flavor packets that add nothing but added sodium.

Help Me Make a Grocery List Without Empty Calories and Costs

Water is free and way healthier than soft drinks and sugary juices. Stop drinking the majority of your grocery costs (and calories!) Cheap produce adds a zing to foods as well as to your water!




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