Aldi Hours and Super Savings 18.09.2015

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Whether you are a loyal Aldi shopper, or are stepping into the store for the first time, here are some useful tips and hints for your next shopping trip!

  • Know the schedule. Learn the Aldi opening times so that you can coordinate your shopping trip. Aldi opening hours start at 9am, and the store closes at 9pm. Also, remember that Aldi hours on Sundays are a bit different: 10am – 7pm. To see your local Aldi opening hours, click here.
  • Don’t forget some quarters. You won’t want to leave your spare change behind! In order to use an Aldi shopping cart, you need to slip a quarter into the cart slot, but don’t worry because you can get it back when you’re done shopping. On the bright side, “renting” a cart means a stray one can’t bump your car!
  • No coupons? No problem! Aldi offers great prices without the need for clipping coupons. You should be able to find everything on your grocery list at a price you can afford.
  • Bring your own bags. None of the Aldi locations supply free bags. There’s a small fee for using store bags, so it would be best to bring your own with you when you go shopping. This helps the store reduce their costs. Be aware that customers need to bag their own groceries as well.

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  • Quality is guaranteed. At Aldi, they want customers to be satisfied with their purchases. Therefore, if you ever buy something and you’re not happy with the quality, then you can get your money back. You may also get that product replaced at no charge. This policy is not applicable to alcohol, national brands, and non-food specialty items.
  • No more label snobs. An Aldi ad will rarely include a brand item. Rather, Aldi uses its own store brand for most of its products. That means that you can get a great deal and awesome quality without spending extra money. Those with Aldi jobs aren’t the only ones who can save on food!
  • Shop organic and gluten-free! If you have a food sensitivity or special dietary restrictions, no need to worry. Aldi offers plenty of options that are high quality but do not have a high price.
  • No credit cards here. While some Aldi stores accept credit cards, many don’t. This is another way that Aldi reduces store costs.
  • Have a shorter trip. Since Aldi doesn’t have name brands, you don’t have to waste time sifting through loads of products. No more comparing prices either!

Now take advantage of these super discounts and save upwards of 50%!


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  • trlovejoy

    No credit cards? Cash or check only? Or do they even take checks?

    • L_Kess

      Aldi provides the following info on the matter:

      “We accept cash, PIN-based debit cards, the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and Link cards. At this time, we do not accept checks, credit cards or the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC).”