Shopping with Your Special One: Let’s Have Fun! 10.02.2016

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Love isn’t just about having a partner, and shopping isn’t always just about buying things. You can’t buy love, but you can buy with love! If you’re in a relationship and you merge these two things – the emotional and the material, a perfect “product” is made – shopping with your special one.
There are lot of dilemmas whether partners should go to shopping together, or not, and even more stereotypes like: “Boys don’t like shopping,” “Girlfriends, stop tormenting your boyfriends by taking them to shopping with you,” etc. If a relationship between two partners is based on friendship, shopping can be real fun!

We are striving to be creative and share the ideas with you, so here are some thoughts on having fun on shopping with your loved one.
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Berry Topped Panna Cotta 10.02.2016

Berry Topped Panna Cotta
Yields 8
If you want to impress your friends without taking a cooking class, then whip up this delightful Panna Cotta dessert. It will transport everyone to a villa in Italy!
  1. Whole milk, 1 c
  2. Unflavored gelatin, 2 ½ t
  3. Heavy whipping cream, 2 c
  4. Sugar, ½ c (plus 1 T)
  5. Salt
  6. Vanilla extract 1 t
  7. Sour cream 1 c
  8. Berries 2 c
  9. Granulated sugar 3 T
  10. Lemon juice ½ T
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  1. In a saucepan, add the milk and layer the gelatin mix on top; let sit 3-5 minutes UNHEATED. Once gelatin is dissolved, heat saucepan on medium. Bring mixture to a simmer, stirring.
  2. Pour in the whipping cream and the sugar, vanilla, and salt. Simmer 5 minutes, stirring. Remove from heat; cool.
  3. In a mixing bowl, place the sour cream and whisk while adding the heated cream from the saucepan. Whisk until smooth, then divide into 8 ramekins. Refrigerate 4-6 hours until set.
  4. To make the berry topping, combine half the berries (try a mixture of raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries) with the lemon juice and granulated sugar. Simmer 4-5 minutes to form a syrupy consistency.
  5. Add the other half of the berries; remove from heat. Let cool and pour over the 8 ramekins of panna cotta.
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Seven Tips on How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day 10.02.2016

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You have already prepared your shopping list of things you want to get for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, but what if money is tighter for you this year than it was last year? If you regularly go the extra mile to make February 14 memorable for your significant other, you probably want to come up with an idea to outdo your efforts from last year. Yes, the essence of Valentine’s Day is showing your love with heartfelt gestures, and doing so would require spending money. Nevertheless, how can you make Valentine’s Day special without breaking the bank, if it’s even possible? Читать дальше “Seven Tips on How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day” »

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Carrot Fudge – Easy to Make, Authentic Indian Dessert 08.02.2016

carrot fudge recipe@photo

Carrot Fudge (or Gajar ka Halwa in Hindi) is arguably the most popular Indian dessert – a common delight in every Indian household especially during the winter months. It is easy to make and vanishes off the plates quickly too. What’s more, you won’t have to add too many items to your grocery list to make this dish as most of the ingredients would already be in your pantry. Try making it, you will love it, guaranteed!

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Chef Michael Bennett: How to Follow Your Eating Habits on Travel 08.02.2016

eating on travel

Traveling has become more than just getting away from home. We expect and demand stimulating experiences revolving around story-like panoramas. Our special guest Chef Michael Bennett, the author of seven books in culinary explorations, has shared some of his observations on how to find habitual food when you’re far away from home.

Dining away from home while you are visiting far-flung places, might not be a worrisome choice

When I travel, I want to experience the new and different, especially when it comes to dining. Some people don’t, they just want to get away for a while. Tourist destination-based restaurateurs tout recognizable food on their menus for their mainstream travelers. They will pair the familiar; let’s say a Gulf of Mexico Grouper with the unfamiliar like the local favorite passionfruit, to make a “Coulis” that will make this dining happenchance extraordinarily unique. Food ties all these situations together.

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Top 5 Gluten-Free Products to Add to Your Grocery List 08.02.2016

gluten free products

Gluten lurks in unexpected places. Whether someone in your family has gluten sensitivity or you want to cut gluten out of your diet for another reason, it can be difficult to make the appropriate changes. However, you’ll also find there are a number of surprising ways to avoid gluten. The following are five top choices to add to your grocery list that will help you create healthy meals every day.
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Clever Craft Spaces – For Business Owners and Hobbyists 05.02.2016

how to organize craft space@photo

Whether you run an arts and crafts business from home, or just enjoy the simple pleasure of crafting as a hobby, you can find that tools and materials spread easily from the small trestle table set up in the corner of the room to the dining table, the kitchen bench and even in the bureau in the living room.

To stop the ‘march of the materials’ apply some tried and well tested methods for creating clever craft spaces in your home so you can grow the business or pursue your hobby and get your house back.
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Mexican Corn Salad – 2 Recipes for Hot Dinner 05.02.2016

mexican corn salad

Mexican Corn Salad is a delicious alternative to the traditional Iceberg lettuce salad. The bright colors and fresh taste of corn, beans, cilantro and spices are certain to be crowd pleasers. These salads are a fun way of eating vegetables like corn, beans, bell peppers and avocados. We’ve got two easy Mexican salad recipes you’ll love. They’re simple, easy to prepare and each come with a simple grocery list. Enjoy!
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