Low Calorie Comfort Foods 29.02.2016

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It is a well known-fact that during winter our bodies tend to crave significantly more food than any other time of year. As we struggle to ward off the cold, it is the hot, calorie loaded comfort foods that our body in turn starts to seek out. So how exactly do you cope with those cravings while not packing on those added pounds? Here are the best ways to take in all the best comfort foods, without all the excess calories!
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The Power of Grocery Coupons 29.02.2016

grocery coupons

Having a grocery list is certainly a great way to save some money with your weekly expenses, especially if you strictly follow everything you have listed. However, apart from sticking to your budget, coupons are also proven helpful in order for you to lessen your expenses. In fact, most professional coupon users say that they can even save as much as 80% on their budget if you just know how to match all the deals that you can get from your trusted shopping center and online coupon providers. Instead of throwing away of those flyers and just shrugging off those deals that you have seen on websites and social media platforms, why don’t you take advantage of these and start slashing a huge percentage from your budget through couponing?
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Choosing a Coat Based on Your Body Shape 26.02.2016

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Many women know that their body shape can help them choose the perfect clothing. Yet it is not always easy to dress for your body type. Moreover, the colder winter months can make you just want to wrap yourself in a huge parka and call it a day. Well, before you give up, check out these tips for choosing a winter coat based on your body shape. No need for a confusing shopping list, because there is something here for everyone!
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Preparing Bento Lunch Boxes for Your Kids 25.02.2016

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Kids tend to become picky eaters sometimes. They’d usually want to have just their favorites like fried chicken, hotdogs and eggs, and refuse to eat vegetables and other nutritious meals that you prepare to help them acquire their needed nutrients. Although vitamins and supplements, like Centrum and Flintstone gummies, can be easily added on your grocery list, we cannot deny the fact that the nutrients that they can get from having a healthy meal are more beneficial that all these.

We understand the struggle – you shouting while asking your little one to eat his/her meal or getting frustrated after seeing untouched packed lunch boxes because he/she does not want what you have prepared. So, how can you really make your child eat? How can you combat the fussy eater syndrome? One effective way is by preparing bento lunch boxes.
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Zingy and Zesty Zucchini Basil Soup 25.02.2016

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Be sure to add zucchini to your grocery list, because a zucchini soup recipe is easy, tasty, and healthy. By incorporating herbs and extra vegetables, you can add more flavor and zing to your yummy zucchini soup recipe! Enjoy these two variations that we have for you, and have fun making them a part of your meal. These soups can even be a light lunch or supper when you pair them with a crusty baguette.
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Take Advantage of Winter Savings 24.02.2016

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If you are in the northern hemisphere, then you may have been chattering your teeth for the past couple of months. While we still have some wintertime left ahead of us, there is something to look forward to. Winter savings are still with us, and you can take advantage of some end-of-season clearances. You just need to know where to look! So read our tips, grab your shopping list and get started!
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