Reasons Not To Buy Pre-Ground Coffee 19.02.2016

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Every day we turn to our lovely cup of java to replenish our energy, thwart ourselves from dozing off or to boost ourselves. For most of the people, coffee isn’t just about those things but the taste also matters. Whether you make your own coffee or you go to your favorite café, the question might have crossed your mind what makes coffee taste great? Or why does it taste so dull sometimes? The answer lies in another question, why do we grind coffee? It is this question when answered will clear all your dilemmas about the taste of coffee.
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5 Ways To Reduce Stress Simply By Raiding Your Kitchen Pantry 18.02.2016

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It’s something of a cruel vicious circle: you’re stressed out so you go and raid the pantry for comfort foods like chocolate, ice cream and bags of chips. But the truth is that these so-called comfort foods actually promote health problems like diabetes, obesity and oxidative damage. The short-term gain of reducing your stress levels by eating these foods might actually be part of the stress problem!

But help is at hand.
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Essential Appliances a Baker Needs 18.02.2016

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A house is brought to life by its residents and as any other living being, it requires a heart. Kitchen is the place that serves that purpose because it is the place that provides its dwellers the energy they need. When it comes to maintaining the kernel of your house, you want it to be resourceful, elegant and enamoring, which can only be achieved if you equip it with the items you actually need.

Whenever you compile a shopping list, you ensure that all the crucial items are included. The same should go for your appliances. Buying expensive appliances that you don’t utilize won’t make your kitchen look beautiful but will only take away precious space and the lightness of your kitchen. Among the variety of cooking, baking is something everyone loves but as delicious as it can be, it’s really hard to select what appliances you should have in your kitchen to make it a home bakery.
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Five Tips to Decorate Your Home like a Pro 17.02.2016

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While most of the home decoration should be done by a professional, consider adding some small touches that will greatly improve the final look. It is important to note that you are the one living in your house, and not everything done by the decorator can reflect your needs, so some minor adjustments may be necessary. We have briefly outlined some tips for home decoration below.
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How to Lower Your Cholesterol 17.02.2016

how to lower cholesterol

Although medication like statins can reduce bad cholesterol, such treatment can also lead to a number of unpleasant side effects, including muscle pain, memory loss, and elevated liver enzymes. In fact, muscle pain affects between 2 and 11 percent of patients taking statins and can even persist for several months after you stop taking the medication.

Luckily, there are plenty of effective ways to lower your cholesterol naturally, without the need for medication. All you need to do is focus on particular aspects of your lifestyle and change what you put on your grocery list.
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The Garden is Your Little Heaven, Make it Shine! 16.02.2016

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No matter if the yard is big or small, use the place to transform it into your little Heaven. We have some ideas and advices on how to beautify the garden in your house! It’s important to be economical and to use the space rationally. Before you implement any plan or idea, clean the garden and remove the unnecessary items and tools. If you have dying plants, remove them too; they will only interfere the new plants to grow and flourish properly.
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Shopping Habits in the USA 16.02.2016

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Milk and Eggs are two popular groceries competing with each other all over the world and states of the USA are not an exception.

In two states: New York and California Eggs come before Milk, while in other three – Texas, Florida and Illinois – Milk is more loved. In Florida even Bread comes before Eggs.

Bananas stay as the most preferred fruit in most states, being extremely fast eaten in Illinois.

Another fruit – Apple – is eaten in California and New York more often than in Texas or Florida. In New York Apples are even more popular than Bananas.
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Traditional Rice Pudding 16.02.2016

Traditional Rice Pudding
Serves: 4
There is a reason why rice pudding continues to be a favorite dessert among many folks. The ingredients are simple, the baking is easy, and there is almost no clean-up afterwards!
  • White rice, 1/3 c
  • Sugar, ½ c
  • Salt
  • Milk, 4 c
  1. Preheat oven to 300 F. In a casserole dish, combine the rice, sugar, salt, and milk; stir. Bake, uncovered, for a half-hour. Stir it again and bake another half-hour. Stir once more.
  2. Continue baking and check frequently to see when the rice gets plump (about another half-hour.) Stir and continue baking for another 10-30 minutes (keep checking and stirring until the rice is fluffy.)
  3. Remove the pudding from the oven once you see the milk is thick and the rice is puffy and prominent in the mixture. Allow the pudding to cool to room temperature (or chill it in the refrigerator) before serving.


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