Shopping with Your Special One: Let’s Have Fun! 10.02.2016

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Love isn’t just about having a partner, and shopping isn’t always just about buying things. You can’t buy love, but you can buy with love! If you’re in a relationship and you merge these two things – the emotional and the material, a perfect “product” is made – shopping with your special one.
There are lot of dilemmas whether partners should go to shopping together, or not, and even more stereotypes like: “Boys don’t like shopping,” “Girlfriends, stop tormenting your boyfriends by taking them to shopping with you,” etc. If a relationship between two partners is based on friendship, shopping can be real fun!

We are striving to be creative and share the ideas with you, so here are some thoughts on having fun on shopping with your loved one.

Ask your partner to come with you

If you have planned to go out shopping and need company, ask your partner to join you. Don’t be pushy and explain how do you imagine to spend the day together. Share some ideas and then listen to your loved one’s interests in shopping; let them be creative.

Make a plan

After you both decide to spend a day together in shopping, write down your wishes to your shopping list and make a plan for the day. Here’s a template for your agenda:

  • We will have breakfast at the shopping mall or the place we both like;
  • First, we go to the stores we both like to visit, and then to the stores that each of us wants to visit. We make a lunch break after going to the shops of common interest.


  • To save time, we split and go to the stores separately (everyone visits the shop he/she is interested in).
  • We have a lunch break and it doesn’t have to be at a restaurant. Instead, we can go to Luna Park, or spend time at the lake/river/ or the Zoo.
  • We go back at shopping.

Ask for opinion

Ask your partner for opinion when you buy something; it means you respect them.

Shop for sundries

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You don’t have to buy clothes. Go to furniture and home accessories stores; you can buy photo frames for your favorite photo, candles for your romantic moments, gift cards for the next birthday that you’ll attend together, or you can visit a pet shop! Cute and fun ideas, right?

Surprise your partner

Tell your partner that you’re going to WC, or you’ll search for a shop you’re into and surprise them by secretly buying a small present for them.

Take pics

Take funny photos; not only selfies, but real photos! Stop a stranger, tell them that you’re having a beautiful day and that you would like to share the positive energy by taking a photo with them! People will get confused, but you’ll make someone laugh.

Love each other and enjoy your special day!
We hope we have encouraged you to make your ordinary day become a magic one.


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