Creating a Welcoming Guest Room 03.03.2016

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When you have a spare bedroom in your home more often than not, it becomes an extra spot for unsightly items and spare boxes. And while your spare bedroom may seem like a great spot to hide away things you have packed away and just don’t want to deal with, what happens when you have guests come over? Even if you do have extra space for someone to get some rest; how comfortable will they really be in a unsightly and crowded room… Here are some great tips to help you create a welcoming guest room!
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De-Stress With 10 Minutes Mindfulness Meditation 02.03.2016

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Have you ever felt a surge of happiness when walking barefoot on a soft rug, or when feeling yourself being warmed by unexpected sunshine? When this happens, you will have been experiencing the joys of mindful living. Mindfulness is a state experienced when we connect with the present moment, rather than focusing on the past or worrying about the future. You can train yourself to be more mindful by spending just minutes each day on relaxing breathing exercises.
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Clever Ways to Maximize a Small Living Space 02.03.2016

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In our modern cities, large living spaces often come at a premium cost. This makes them out of financial reach for most people, which means that most people rent or buy small and affordable housing. But just because we live in a small space doesn’t mean that it has to be uncomfortable, cramped or dysfunctional. If we’re very clever, we can hack the space to make it more efficient and make it seem larger. With this in mind, here are some top tips on cleverly hacking the small home to maximize the space available.
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Lose Weight and Still Eat the Foods You Love 01.03.2016

 intermittent fasting

It’s taking the world by storm! At last there’s a diet that lets you eat the foods you love. People who have struggled with their weight for years are losing weight and (here’s the important bit!) keeping it off. It’s all down to intermittent fasting. Yes, you heard right: fasting! But don’t worry, you only need fast for 2 or 3 days each week, and once you’ve dropped to your desired weight, you can keep the weight off by restricting your calories for just 1 day out of 7. And on the non-fasting days you can eat what you like!
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It’s Time for Some Me-Time! 01.03.2016

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Do you sometimes feel like you play the role of Charlie Chaplin in the film Modern Times? Rushing to work, rushing to clean your home, to see your partner and friends, but you always have to sacrifice something so you can achieve everything. The time in which we live is a time of (no) required competition, running after success, crowded shopping list and ambitious intentions. And all of this can be frustrating.

Give yourself time to take a rest from everyday life, find the right way to breathe and live freely. To do this, first of all, you must convince your inner self that you’re not an egoist, or selfish if you try to be happy. For a moment, stop existing and living for others. Build your own fortress and wander through life. Experience something new, start from a new place, achieve and complete your dreams and ideas. Yes, it is time for some “me-time!”

With the next few lines, we’ll try to encourage and motivate you to arrange your new life agenda.
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Vietnamese Spring Rolls 01.03.2016

Vietnamese Summer Rolls
Serves: 7
Looking for a fun and unique dinner idea? Vietnamese spring rolls are easy to make and add a different spin on a weeknight dinner. Feel free to use other ingredients that you have on hand, such as chicken, peanuts, cucumbers…whatever!
  • Rice paper wrappers, 14
  • Fresh mint leaves, 1 c
  • Shrimp (peeled, deveined, sliced), 7 oz. (cooked, halved)
  • Lettuce leaves, 14
  • Rice vermicelli, 2 c (cooked, cooled)
  • Fresh bean sprouts, 3 c
  • Rice vinegar, 4 T
  • Fish sauce, 4 T
  • Water, 1 c
  • Sugar, 1 T
  • Garlic (crushed), 1 clove
  • Carrots (grated), 1 T
  1. Set out a large bowl of warm water. One at a time, carefully dip the entire rice paper wrapper in the water until it becomes malleable (about 1 minute). Lay the wrapper flat on a plate.
  2. Working quickly, place the ingredients on the wrapper: 4 mint leaves, 4 shrimp halves, a lettuce leaf, a handful of vermicelli, and a handful of bean sprouts. Add another lettuce leaf or mint, if desired. You want to make sure to leave about 2 inches of free space along the perimeter of the wrapper.
  3. Now fold the 2 sides of the wrapper into the center; starting at the bottom, roll the wrapper up like a burrito. Repeat this process for the remaining wrappers and ingredients.
  4. To make the dipping sauce, pour the rice vinegar, fish sauce, water, and sugar into a saucepan and heat on high (until sugar dissolves). Let cool; add garlic and carrots, if desired. Sauce keeps in the refrigerator for 7 days.
  5. Place summer rolls on a serving dish along with the dipping sauce. Enjoy!


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