Top 5 Gluten-Free Products to Add to Your Grocery List 08.02.2016

gluten free products

Gluten lurks in unexpected places. Whether someone in your family has gluten sensitivity or you want to cut gluten out of your diet for another reason, it can be difficult to make the appropriate changes. However, you’ll also find there are a number of surprising ways to avoid gluten. The following are five top choices to add to your grocery list that will help you create healthy meals every day.

1. Cereal

Rich in vitamins and minerals, cereal is a great way to start the day. Although many breakfast cereals do contain wheat, there is a huge number on the market that are completely free from gluten.
Rather than just checking the ingredients, it’s best to look out for certified gluten-free products, as grains like oats are often harvested and processed in the same machines as wheat and can become contaminated. Also bear in mind that seemingly innocent cereals like cornflakes and puffed rice often use malt flavoring or malt extract, both of which contain gluten.

2. Vegetables for Soup

Canned soups often use wheat as a thickening agent, along with high quantities of salt, preservatives, and other additives that you are better off avoiding. However, soup is one of the easiest dishes to cook at home and the perfect way to add plenty of vegetables to your diet. The next time you plan your grocery list, substitute ready-made soup for some of your favorite fresh vegetables.

3. Quinoa Pasta

gluten free meals

Standard pasta products almost always contain gluten — a blow for lovers of Italian food. Luckily, there are gluten-free alternatives available, made from other grains. Quinoa is a top choice, as this superfood not only has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, it contains more heart-healthy fats than wheat, making it an excellent addition to your grocery list.

4. Granola Bars

Granola bars are ideal for killing your hunger at any time of the day. Even though they usually have no glutenous ingredients, you should (again) only purchase products labeled as gluten-free to avoid oats contaminated with wheat.

5. Alcohol

You can still enjoy plenty of alcoholic beverages on a gluten-free diet, including wine, liquor, and cider. At some stores, you may even be able to pick up gluten-free beer made from millet, sorghum, rice, corn, or buckwheat.

In addition to all of the above, remember there are plenty of foods to choose from that are naturally gluten free, including fruit, meat, cheese, fish, and eggs. Plan a few meals before you go shopping to ensure you create a grocery list with everything you need for a balanced diet.


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