Save time by setting up your grocery list in the right order 05.07.2013


For me, this was the most logical thing I had ever heard, yet the hardest thing to do. I would prepare my grocery list at home and add everything to it when it ran out. However, when I would be at the store, I would be wandering from one end to the other, just to get everything on my list. Because my list had everything to do with my home, and nothing with my store.

This meant that the milk would be on top of my list, followed by the cookies, the dishwasher soap,  apples and butter. However, when I would walk through the store, I would first come across the fruit and vegetables, then the fridges, then coffee products, cookies, cleaning things and so on. Which meant that I would be walking from one isle to the other and then back to the first one. Even if I remembered to go over my list to make sure I would have everything, I would still be missing vital groceries when I thought I was done. And then the running around the store started again.

For me, ”Buy Me a Pie!” is a huge time saver. And that is because of its ability to sort my groceries in logical groups that are usually put together in the supermarket. Just using the sorting function makes life easier for me. After I have done that, I have a clear list of all the products I need in their own group. And the best thing is that, even if I visit another supermarket than my own, that list still
works. Because all the products of a certain kind are usually grouped together in the store. So, having my list sorted by those groups, is the easiest way to make sure I bring everything and forget nothing. Which means there is no more reason to run around the store. And that helps me get back home quicker.

Try it, you will love being able to pick up your groceries in one run. It makes shopping more relaxed and faster. Which means you will have time to enjoy your food at home.

«Buy Me a Pie!» — the most convenient, easy and elegant grocery list application :

Buy Me a Pie! (iPhone/iPad) | Buy Me a Pie (Android)

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  • John

    How much longer for the Android version please, my iPhone is coming short on ending and would like to use this on my Samsung Galaxy S III

    • L_Kess

      Hello, John! Android version is on the go. It is actually ready and is carefully tested now. It will be released this summer, as soon as the developers make sure it works as it should.