Save time and money shopping by using extra ingredients in new meals 25.06.2013


I love cooking and I especially love cooking with fresh ingredients. There is something about the taste and the texture of fresh ingredients that triggers me. I just enjoy it more. However, cooking with fresh ingredients does have a downside. For many recipes, I need amounts that are not similar to the amounts the supermarkets offer me. Which means that I will have lots of great ingredients left over. After all, I can not buy half a cauliflower or three lettuce leaves.

Obviously I do not want to waste good food. And I do not want to waste money. So, if you ever find yourself in this position, I might have found you an easy solution that suits me very well. And that solution can be found online on the many recipe websites.

Often I can already spot a troublesome amount in a recipe as soon as I read it. That half a cauliflower or three leaves of lettuce are easy to spot. And for most ingredients you can quickly think of other recipes you can use them in. But for those more exotic ingredients, or for that time when you are not very inspired, you can now access lots of cooking websites. Type in the ingredient that you will have left over, and they will show you great recipes that will allow you to use your leftovers and use all of the food you have bought in a great way. Also, because you usually have smaller amounts left over, you get to recipes that you might not have considered cooking otherwise. And that is a great way to explore great food at a much lower price as you were basing it on left overs anyway.

Bon appetite. I am off shopping and planning a lot of double purpose ingredients for this week.


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