Shop Tips: A Lifestyle Approach to Clean Eating 31.03.2015

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Clean eating is the hottest new food trend. You know it’s healthy, but what is it exactly? Clean eating is all about avoiding processed and refined foods and eating fresh, whole foods that are closer to their natural state. We’ve got health tips, grocery list ideas and more that will make clean eating easier.

5 Healthy Shopping List Tips

  • Make a healthy grocery shopping that does not include frozen foods like frozen lasagna dinners or tacos.
  • Avoid refined products that have been changed from their original, whole foods state. Instead of pickles, buy cucumbers.
  • Make a diet shopping list and bypass the snack aisle. Do not put chips or candy in your cart!
  • Think fresh! Fresh produce, fresh fish, whole poultry.
  • Don’t buy premade. Instead of buying Italian dressing; buy vinegar, olive oil and Italian seasonings to make your own.

Follow these tips and you will know exactly what went into your meal. Prepackaged, processed and refined foods contain chemicals and preservatives that are harmful. If you buy foods in their original state, your body will be healthier.

Grocery List Ideas for a Healthy Family

Now you’ve got the idea behind clean eating. So what does a grocery list for healthy eating look like? We’ve got a list of clean eating food options that can go on your weekly grocery list. These foods are recommended by dietitians and fitness gurus, so you can believe they will help you change your lifestyle!

  • Fresh fruit is always a family favorite. The best dietary bang for your buck is to go with berries, watermelon and grapefruit.
  • Don’t try to stuff these guys in a casserole! Serve them in their own dish solo: green beans, lentils, and legumes.
  • Veggies are a must have on your diet shopping list. Go with leafy greens and traditional favorites, like: kale, spinach, broccoli, onions and garlic.
  • You want healthy fatty proteins for energy, such as: avocado, almonds, walnuts and all natural peanut butter. You also need lean proteins like salmon, tilapia, halibut, shellfish, and poultry.
  • Don’t go cheap on oils! Do not skimp and buy Crisco. Try sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil or olive oil.
  • There are now healthier options to “all-purpose” flour, go with oat flour, rice flour, quinoa flour or spelt flour. Not only are you getting a better taste, you’ll have healthier meals.
  • Sweeteners like sugar free maple syrup and birch sugar (xylitol) are great options.
  • Are you over soymilk? Good alternatives are unsweetened almond milk and unsweetened rice milk. Instead of regular yogurt, try Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.

Family meal planning can be a bit of a challenge when trying to adhere to clean eating. The key to easy family dinners using clean foods is to use simple recipes that don’t require a lot of prep time. Have a spinach salad with almonds and walnuts. Try baked chicken seasoned with onions and garlic. Think simple and you can’t go wrong because clean eating means having a healthy family!




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