5 Healthiest Grains 14.04.2015

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Diversifying your diet is the best way to have a healthy family and obtain the best possible results through clean eating. One of the most interesting methods that you can use in order to live a longer life and maintain your overall health is to include grains in your diet. Simply put, with the help of grains you can literally burn the fat in your body and promote health, which will lead to a better sense of self-confidence and astounding results for you as a whole.

Why are grains good for your health?

The main idea when it comes to grains is that they bring with calories and at the same time they are very easy to grow and quite varied, so you basically get a ton of benefits from one simple, lightweight package.

Grains are basically seeds, and the seeds on their own are by far the most calorically dense portion of a plant. The thing that makes grains so good is the fact that they manage to provide our body with a ton of energy without putting a lot of pressure on our digestive system. Grains are the perfect type of food that, combined with fruit and vegetables, help you obtain the perfect, reliable fat burning diet.

The question is, what grains should we consume? There are many types of grains, some of which are better than others, and because of that it’s crucial to ensure that we find some on which we can rely upon, especially in the long run. We’ve thought about it and we have comprised our own grocery tips or, better said, shopping tips, that will allow you to find all the best grains on the market that are affordable and good for our body.


Despite the fact that this is not an expensive grains, many tend to overlook quinoa and its amazing properties. If you want a healthy food that will keep your healthy family happy, quinoa is a great idea. It becomes fluffy when you cook it and at the same time it has a light, exquisite flavor that makes it suitable to combine with a variety of dishes.

Quinoa allows you to save on foods, since it’s inexpensive, but on the other hand it also enables you to get a high amount of protein at all times. Not only that, but this type of grains also has a lot of dietary fiber which is widely known to improve your digestion, remove or at least diminish cancer and at the same time it enables you to diminish the cholesterol levels, something that’s really good for your body. You might not need to eat it often, once a week does the trick, but it is one of those things that you need to consume often if you want to experience its benefit and take full advantage of our grocery tips.

Brown rice

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Rice is known to have lots of health benefits, and because of that many people in Asia consume it on a daily basis. However, they consume mostly white rice, without knowing that the brown rice is actually a lot better. Brown rice brings a lot of benefits mainly because it isn’t as processed as the white one, so the outermost hull is most of the time intact. This means that it provides a much better nutritional value, not to mention that it doesn’t exert any pressure at all on your digestive tract. With brown rice you can also save on foods too, because it’s inexpensive to begin with.

When it comes to components, brown rice includes around 5 grams of protein, alongside dietary fiber. On top of that though, this type of rice also has a very high level of manganese, selenium and numerous vitamins such as the B1 and B3. All of these combine make the brown rice an essential part of your diet and something that you do have to add to your diet as often as possible or at least include it into your supermarket ideas.


Barley does a great job when being combined with meat as well as other types of food. It’s a great type of grain because it has a nutty flavor, but at the same time it is very healthy and filled with dietary fiber, iron, phosphorus, selenium, manganese, copper and so on.

As a side note, Barley can take a little while to cook, since it’s a hearty grain, but the reality is that the results are well worth it and you are bound to appreciate them at all times.


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This is a light type of grain, with few calories yet a lot of protein. At the same time, it also includes manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, dietary fiber and some vitamins too. What many will like about millet is the fact that it comes in a vast range of colors, so no matter what you want to cook, millet will blend right in.

Another thing to mention about millet is that its grains are very small, so it can even be used for decorations most of the time, as a way to enrich your culinary life. Millet is one of those exquisite grocery tips that many don’t know about, so it can actually be seen as a goldmine for healthy eating.

Whole oats

The whole oats are a great source of calories, which makes them great for a variety of reasons. At the same time, you get a ton of protein, dietary fiber, iron and even some manganese as well. Combined with other foods, whole oats can provide you with all the necessary minerals and vitamins that your body might need.

It’s crucial to know that whole oats bring a great way to lose weight efficiently and that’s why they are truly recommended for a variety of reasons. We encourage you to check the whole oats out, because not only they are very healthy, but you can also prepare them rather quickly!

These are all the grains that you need to include in your shopping list for healthy eating. Remember that clean eating is the key to achieve the ultimate success in your life, as it promotes health and it gives you an energy boost. Include grains in your diet shopping list a few times a week and you will definitely appreciate the astounding results!




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