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Eating well is one of the most important things in our lives, because it gives us energy and thus the day to day activities are much easier. At the same time, getting some healthy food for your family meal is important. But while eating raw food is a good idea, from millennia now people have started to use spices in order to enrich the taste of their food. Few things have changed since then, because even the way we prepare spices, with the mortar and pestle, has remained roughly the same. What has changed is the way we combine them with food and the astounding results that we obtain as a whole thanks to this!

Buying spices can be quite challenging at first, because there are so many flavors out there, and this is exactly why we have created this small guide to help you get the spices you need.

What spices to buy and how to do it?

Most of the time during family shopping we buy spices from shelves, but the reality is that those spices are stale since they sit there for months and months until someone purchases them. The recommended thing is to purchase fresh, whole spices that you can grind at home, because these retain the flavor and the maximum potency of your spices, something you will surely appreciate at all times.

At the same time, the main benefit of whole spices is that these remain fresh for a long period of time. You also know exactly what you get with whole spices, and that’s why purchasing them is a great idea.

What spices should you buy? There are a variety of spices that can enrich your tastes and build up a great aroma for your food, you just need to think outside of the box and use them. Sometimes, these combinations are exactly what makes your food taste great!

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If you want your food to be spicy, then you should get some smoked serrano chili powder. Turmeric is another interesting spice, especially if you combine it with the Asian food!

Not only that, but the Saigon cinnamon is also a great spice because of its sweet and spicy taste. Many consider this as being one of the tastiest and most aromatic cinnamon types in the whole world, so adding it in your food is an astounding, really good idea.

Dill can be another interesting spice, one that you should like quite a lot since it can be used in salads or fish as well. However, if you are focused on having a healthy heart, then a very good idea is to get some tarragon, as this boosts circulation and reduces the pressure on the arteries, something you will like for sure.

Oregano is filled with antioxidants, so this is yet another type of spice that you should use in your food if you want an extra boost to your immune system.

Having some bay leaf around can also come in handy, because this one does a great job in eliminating migraines and headaches.

Another great type of spice you should use is definitely Rosemary. This one is very good since it manages to increase the production of beta waves, and thus it helps boost your mind and accumulate information, as well as use it in a much better fashion.

Those that want to lose weight might want to get some Cayenne. This is a great spice that manages to aid the metabolism but at the same time it reduces the overall appetite.

Where to buy spices and at which prices?

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If you are shopping on a budget then you need to keep your eyes peeled for multiple spice purchasing opportunities, because there are lots of places where you can get them from. You should include spices in your weekly grocery list, but be aware that you know how to organize a grocery list, since this can quickly get out of hand fast.

Going to ethnic markets is a great way to perform smart shopping and get the best spices you need, because here you can find original, high quality spices that come with affordable prices so this works even if you are on a budget. Because the spices sold here are used regularly, they are restocked much faster so the quality is much better than what you can usually encounter on the market. Of course, you can find scams here as well, so know the aroma and smell the spices to be certain that they are exactly what you are looking for.

Getting them from a local spice merchant is another good idea, but you should try to talk with the staff in order to make them share some opinions on what spices are the best for your meals.

Of course, you can also buy spices online if you want, and you will be able to save money this way, especially if you are shopping on a budget. Some great prices to purchase spices online are,, and

At the same time, you can also get some astounding spices from Amazon and even Ebay as well, you just need to keep your eyes peeled as there are numerous spice purchasing opportunities. Getting spices from these websites is much better, because you get great quality at a decent price and thus you can be a more efficient family planner. They should all be included into your guide on how to grocery shop, as they are amazing to visit and the prices are decent!

Prices for spices depend on the spice type you choose and the place you purchase them, but most of the time the high quality spice packages can cost between $3 and $30, sometimes even more if the spice is rare. Don’t let the price put you away, getting some amazing spices for your food is well worth it and it comes with a ton of health benefits, so it’s very important to purchase spices. You can see this as an investment into your health and your wellbeing, but rest assured that the results are well worth it!

Before you get any spices, make sure that you do your research and find out if they are good for your health or not. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because in the world of spices your taste and smell are the only things that can bring you closer and closer to the aroma you always wanted. Experiment, and have fun doing it, but at the same time don’t be afraid to pay the extra dough if any type of spice is worth it, you will be glad you did.



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