Save time shopping by not trying to rush it 31.05.2013

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There are a number of best practices when you do your shopping. And I would love to share them with you through this blog over the coming weeks. They are all things that I have learned myself through years of unnecessarily long shopping trips and coming home with the wrong things at the wrong times. The good thing is that this was just me. I am sure you have never experienced this, and by the time you have read all the posts I am going to write, you never will.

My first rule of thumb has become that I never go shopping when I am in a hurry. Only go shopping when you have time to go shopping and you can pay attention while you are getting your groceries. This is the only way to keep you from running around the store grabbing groceries as you rush past. If you are a great shopper, you might actually come out of the store with most of the groceries you need. But often, what happens is that you start doubting. Even though you might have brought a great list, you will still doubt the amount of milk you need, whether you still had toilet paper and if your partner asked you to bring bread. So, because you cannot afford to go back later, you will just bring everything that you are doubtful about. And while you bring all of that, there are often one or two items that were on the list that get skipped over. So, if you know you need half an hour do get your groceries, schedule half an hour to do it. Any shorter and you will be stressed out. Any longer would be unnecessary.

Believe me, when you relax and enjoy your shopping trip, you will be home quicker. The reason for that will be that you are moving through the shop faster because you are much more relaxed and not worrying about your groceries.


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