It’s Time for Some Me-Time! 01.03.2016

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Do you sometimes feel like you play the role of Charlie Chaplin in the film Modern Times? Rushing to work, rushing to clean your home, to see your partner and friends, but you always have to sacrifice something so you can achieve everything. The time in which we live is a time of (no) required competition, running after success, crowded shopping list and ambitious intentions. And all of this can be frustrating.

Give yourself time to take a rest from everyday life, find the right way to breathe and live freely. To do this, first of all, you must convince your inner self that you’re not an egoist, or selfish if you try to be happy. For a moment, stop existing and living for others. Build your own fortress and wander through life. Experience something new, start from a new place, achieve and complete your dreams and ideas. Yes, it is time for some “me-time!”

With the next few lines, we’ll try to encourage and motivate you to arrange your new life agenda.

Learn to love yourself

This is not about having the newest clothes, putting a lot of make-up or being a successful business person, buried under stress and obligations. To love yourself means to find time to meet with your emotions, thoughts and needs. You can meditate, you can pray, or you can stay at home and sit in silence. Do anything your soul needs.
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Exercise and make a balance

Your body is your home, your life and your duty, and vice versa; your home, life and duties are your body. Try to make a balance between these things by exercising. Exercise includes a healthy diet, physical activity and mental control. Eat not what you find in the fridge, but what your body has on its shopping list. Live by the needs of your mind and metabolism, not by society is imposing you.

Don’t forget art

Arts are known as a cheap and healthy stress reliever. Spend some money on creative materials; buy drawing paper, paints, modelling clay and charcoal. Express your feelings on the paper. You don’t have to show the drawings to anyone, although you can share your artwork on the internet – find a forum or blog where art lovers meet. Don’t put boundaries to your creativity. Write poetry, or try to write a short story or any other genre. Literature can be healing.

Be human – help someone

There is a difference between people and humans. The second ones live for bigger purposes; they live to create and to share, to make changes and help the others who are in need. Donate something, without expecting to be awarded. Visit a children’s hospital and spend some time with them; encourage them, share your life story, make them laugh.

Life is wonderful, and sharing is part of it. And your “me-time” can also be “us-time.” You just need to learn to love and let stress go away from you. Be happy!


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