Dressing Room Tips 02.03.2016

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We have all been there: we hit the mall thinking that we got a great deal on tons of clothes. Then we return home and realize that we actually hate how those same garments look on us. So, what gives? Perhaps you just need some help with navigating the dressing room. Here are some dressing room tips so that you can get what’s on your shopping list – the first time you hit the stores.

Check the Fabric

Before you buy anything, make sure that you check the clothing tag and identify the type of fabric it is made from. It is no secret that some fabrics and materials are much easier to care for than others. Be realistic with yourself and only purchase clothing that you know you can take care of. Will you be tempted to skip a dry-cleaning visit? Are you a person who likes to just throw clothes around in your closet without folding them? Be sure to think about how you need to wash and dry the garment, as well as how to holds up against wrinkles.

Turn Around!

We are all guilty of this. Many times we simply hit the dressing room, quickly try on an article of clothing and decide right then and there whether or not we are going to buy it. Well, take a deep breath and challenge yourself to look a little longer. Also, be sure to get a full view; that means turning around and checking out what is going on in the back. A dress or skirt might look great from the front, but if you turn around, you may find that it is bunching or pulling up in the back.

Go Natural

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With the lighting, that is. It is no secret that dressing rooms are notorious for their bright, stark fluorescent lighting. No one – we repeat – no one looks good in a dressing room mirror (or at least, not their best!) Rather than let that deter you, try glancing in mirrors that are not in the dressing room. If that is not an option, have a friend or even a sales associate snap a photo of you in the garment on your phone.

Get Moving

Another reality check is remembering that you will be required to move in the garment you are thinking of buying. Be sure to at least walk around a bit before you purchase any article of clothing. You do not want to end up wearing a new pair of high heels or a pair of trousers to work, only to realize that they are so not comfortable. So stand up, take a walk around the store, and definitely sit down to ensure total comfort.


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