Creating a Welcoming Guest Room 03.03.2016

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When you have a spare bedroom in your home more often than not, it becomes an extra spot for unsightly items and spare boxes. And while your spare bedroom may seem like a great spot to hide away things you have packed away and just don’t want to deal with, what happens when you have guests come over? Even if you do have extra space for someone to get some rest; how comfortable will they really be in a unsightly and crowded room… Here are some great tips to help you create a welcoming guest room!

Behold it

Before you get started, you need to inspect the bedroom. It’s important to make note of the feel and flow of the room itself to gain inspiration. Take note of window placement, size of walls, if paint is needed, etc. Try and view the room without all of its clutter, to see the room itself. This in turn makes space-clearing much easier as you can gain a better sense of what you are getting ready to tackle.

Devastate it!

Next, comes the fun part… You need to literally take everything out of the room itself. If you already have bedroom furniture in the room, feel free to leave those items in their present place, but everything else needs to come out. This allows you to be able to view the room as a blank slate, and you can gain further insight on how you want to the room and items laid out.

What’s in stock?

Before you plan your shopping list, go through the items that you already have… Perhaps one of those boxes you just pulled out contains some simple decorative knick-knacks that you can place on the dresser or even some general photos that you didn’t have a place for on another wall of your home… Decorating your guest room shouldn’t be a costly ordeal. Keep your budget to a minimum and use what you have. Not only will you be able to empty out some boxes and make extra space, but you can also utilize the items you’ve been keeping stored away!

Windows need some special attention

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If you do have windows in the room, window treatments can be quite costly… However making them is incredibly simple and easy to do! By simply purchasing a large sheet or fabric from your local thrift store or sale, you can easily sew and craft your own curtains! And by simply getting crafty and heading to your local hardware store, you can purchase some PVC pipe or even head outdoors to some branches to use to hang up your new treatments for far less than buying brand new hardware.

Feel free to have fun and get inspired! When you start looking around for extra items in your home including blankets, pillows and decor you will be astounded at how easily your old spare room can be transformed into a beautiful and welcoming brand new guest room!


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