Choosing a Coat Based on Your Body Shape 26.02.2016

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Many women know that their body shape can help them choose the perfect clothing. Yet it is not always easy to dress for your body type. Moreover, the colder winter months can make you just want to wrap yourself in a huge parka and call it a day. Well, before you give up, check out these tips for choosing a winter coat based on your body shape. No need for a confusing shopping list, because there is something here for everyone!

Boyish Figure

If you have a more narrow waist, broad shoulders, and a small chest, then you may think that it is nearly impossible to find something feminine and fashionable. Wrong! For a boyish figure, try out a coat that features a cinched waist. Look for options that are belted so that you can create the illusion of bigger hips. Also, a peplum or double-breasted style will help to fill out your figure a bit more so that it doesn’t look so straight and narrow.

Plus-Size Figure

If you already have the hips and chest that most women long for, then you should look for a coat that offers a more tailored silhouette. Something that can be pulled in at the waist, or a jacket with a flared-out bottom half will be the most flattering on your figure. Don’t be afraid to play with different textures and patterns, either! Fur cuffs, bows, and printed designs will look playful and feminine.

Petite Figure

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Smaller women run the risk of getting completely lost in their winter clothing. Women with smaller frames should seek coats and jackets that fall no lower than to the knee. Establish some shape with a bejeweled or fur collar. And be sure to pay attention to the hem and sleeves; you do not want to look like a toddler wearing mommy’s clothes!

Busty Figure

Women who pack a lot of va-voom should go for jackets that are structured and fall to the upper-to-mid thigh. This will keep you from looking like a blob, and will help to lengthen your legs. Avoid excess attention to your chest by staying away from double-breasted coats, which will only make your chest look bigger.

Bottom-Heavy Figure

Often referred to as a “pear-shaped figure,” this body type does best with a coat or jacket that creates the illusion of an hourglass shape. To achieve this look, go for something that is belted or has a shape that cinches in at the waist and out towards the hips. Something with a broader shoulder could also help to even your figure out.

There you have it! A few simple tips and tricks for finding the perfect coat for you. Now you can venture out in the cold, wind, and snow while looking fabulous.


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