The Garden is Your Little Heaven, Make it Shine! 16.02.2016

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No matter if the yard is big or small, use the place to transform it into your little Heaven. We have some ideas and advices on how to beautify the garden in your house! It’s important to be economical and to use the space rationally. Before you implement any plan or idea, clean the garden and remove the unnecessary items and tools. If you have dying plants, remove them too; they will only interfere the new plants to grow and flourish properly.


No matter how big, your garden should be well-protected and fenced. Choose the fence according to the façade of your house. Make sure you’ve chosen the appropriate colors and shapes, and don’t limit your creativity. Choose a wooden fence and make it different, a non-classic one by using horizontal layers of different heights and create an illusion of depth. You can also make a mural on wooden or plexiglass boards. Another option is to plant a privacy hedge and design it in a specific or classic shape.

Paths and Plants

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Plants make your garden luxurious and beautiful, and creative paths will lead you to your little, green and flower Heaven. You can give your garden a fairy-like look in few steps.

Install a patio made from pavers; you can cover the whole garden and leave it grass-free, or you can use both pavers (for the paths) and grass (between the plants and pavers). If you’re in a hippie mood and want to enjoy the grass breeze, plant a lawn through the whole garden.

If you’re a beginner in gardening, choose plants that grow easily (Daylilies, Daisies, Dahlias, Gaura etc.) If you have in mind some other flowers, ask a professional gardener, or visit a library and read through gardening books. If you want a colorful garden, Begonias would be the perfect choice! They are a little bit delicate, but beautiful flowers!

Garden table and chairs

If you are practical and prefer to have simple outdoor furniture, visit IKEA shops or write down a shopping list with affordable products, and go to the local garden shop. If you’re brave, creative and you have some free time, make a DIY table and chairs; you can paint and decorate them as you want. If you’re a book lover, you want to enjoy with your pets and drink coffee with your friends, place a comfy, unique furniture in the corner of your garden; combine pastel colors with flower pattern, or strong colors with monochrome colors.

Place for your pets

If you live in a house, t is very likely that you have pets or that you should think about adopting one.

In that way, you can make DIY pet houses and beds. Make a mini comfortable amusement park for your fluffy friends!


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