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10 Awesome Benefits of Green Tea 20.05.2016

green tea benefits

Dieticians, nutritionists, and doctors have long since been recommending green tea as the ‘must-have’ beverage every day. Green tea has been labelled as the healthiest beverage in the world and features in almost every diet and as a cure for most ailments.

If you want to understand the reasons behind the buzz about green tea, read on. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should add green tea to your grocery list every time.
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Tips to Retain Nutrients When Cooking Food 19.05.2016

retain nutrients Cooking is an everyday task performed in every kitchen which serves as a mini industry of a house. The head of the kitchen must decide what items to include in the shopping list, what is to be cooked and when. Along with all the other dilemmas a home chef faces, one of the biggest one is how to get the most of your food or in other words, how to preserve the nutrients that are in your food. Yes, how you cook your food has a drastic impact upon the nutrients and the reason behind is that many of the vitamins are prone to heat and air especially vitamin B, C and folate but there are foods that are less nutritious when raw. One of the examples are raw dried beans which has an enzyme inhibitor which thwarts the activity of the enzymes that serve to digest the protein so they must be cooked before eating and meat or eggs raw can be pernicious to your health. The basic principle that works for most of the foods is that the loss of nutrients is directly proportional to cooking time and cooking temperature, these two factors how nutritious you food will be when you take it off the stove. Below are some tips to help you preserve as many nutrients as you can. Читать дальше “Tips to Retain Nutrients When Cooking Food” »

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How-to-Guides for the Latest Hairstyles 19.05.2016

crown braid@photo

A lot of people looked to Coachella, the big spring music event of the year, for style inspiration. And while we saw plenty of awesome fashions, there were definitely many different hairstyles that we had our eyes on. So here is a run-down of some of the season’s hottest hairdos that will have you looking chic, fresh, and so on-point. We have got one style that is for those who consider themselves trendsetting daredevils, as well as another hairdo that is more sophisticated and classy. Bonus points for adding some fun new outfits to your shopping list!
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Be Fit: Tips on How and What to Exercise at Home 17.05.2016

 exercise at home

Whether you’re preparing for the summer after the “stormy” gourmet winter, or just want to keep in shape, we recommend some exercises that will relieve your negative energy and will help you strengthen your muscles.

First, we start with a short introduction on how to exercise. This includes warming up, form a habit to exercise and diet (planning your grocery list). Set a goal to make the agenda; make sure to exercise in the morning, because at the end of the day you could feel tired and find ways to avoid exercise. Be patient and don’t expect results immediately after the first exercise – Rome was not built in a day! Be persistent, and consult a trainer or nutritionist for your diet, or inform yourself from websites with reliable facts. Don’t exaggerate and don’t force yourself; take your time and gradually increase the duration and the difficulty levels.
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Natural Painkillers From Your Kitchen 16.05.2016

Natural painkillers

Your kitchen cabinet holds many secrets, one of which is that it is filled with super powered herbs and spices that have medicinal properties. Ingredients from your kitchen cabinet could not only treat your pain, but they could cure the root cause of the problem thereby ensuring that the pain doesn’t resurface again. And the best part, unlike over the counter medicines and drugs, these natural painkillers have no side effects!

So here is a ready reckoner of natural painkillers you could easily reach out to, either by peeking in to your kitchen cabinet or adding them to your grocery list.
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Natural Remedies for Tension Headaches 13.05.2016

headache natural remedies@photo

Modern life can be full of triggers for tension headaches. Hours staring at computer screens, poor sleep patterns, bad posture and over-reliance on caffeine and alcohol cause up to three-quarters of us to suffer from tension headaches at some time or another. These headaches are usually felt on both sides of the head, and may feel as if a tight band is pressing on the forehead.

It’s all too easy to reach automatically for over-the-counter painkillers when you feel these symptoms coming on, but overuse of painkillers can itself cause headaches, as well as having adverse effects on the liver, stomach and other parts of your body.

Next time you are suffering from a tension headache, try one of these natural remedies. You may already have the ingredients in your store cupboard.
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8 Ways to Drink More Water Everyday 12.05.2016

how to drink more water

We have all heard of the numerous benefits of drinking more than 8 glasses of water and we are also aware of the risks of failing to do so. However, for many people drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water can still be a daunting task. The reasons to avoid drinking enough water are aplenty, but we are here to tell you there is a way out. Here are 8 tricks that will help you drink more water every day!
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Best Foods for Healthy Skin 11.05.2016

healthy skin tips

The key to great skin begins with what’s on your plate. You already know that the right food can keep you healthy and prevent & cure many ailments. But did you also know that food you eat could also be your secret to beautiful, radiant, younger looking skin?

True, the beauty aisles these days are stocked with multiple topical solutions to skin problems, but nothing comes close to naturally beautiful skin. So here are some great powerhouse foods that you should add to your grocery list right away, to keep your skin supple and smooth and help fight age-related damage. Be sure to eat these foods often and soon you will have radiant, glowing, healthy skin!
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10 Awesome Benefits of Yoga 11.05.2016

yoga benefits

Yoga has more benefits than we can count but we picked our 10 most favorite benefits of this holistic discipline. Yoga, a 5000 years old practice, has the power to heal you physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Many of the benefits it provides are scientifically proven, and there is no arguing that practicing yoga regularly will change your life.

There are very few things you need to start practicing yoga. Your shopping list need only include a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes. That is all you need to get started and to enjoy the innumerable benefits of yoga.
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