Be Fit: Tips on How and What to Exercise at Home 17.05.2016

 exercise at home

Whether you’re preparing for the summer after the “stormy” gourmet winter, or just want to keep in shape, we recommend some exercises that will relieve your negative energy and will help you strengthen your muscles.

First, we start with a short introduction on how to exercise. This includes warming up, form a habit to exercise and diet (planning your grocery list). Set a goal to make the agenda; make sure to exercise in the morning, because at the end of the day you could feel tired and find ways to avoid exercise. Be patient and don’t expect results immediately after the first exercise – Rome was not built in a day! Be persistent, and consult a trainer or nutritionist for your diet, or inform yourself from websites with reliable facts. Don’t exaggerate and don’t force yourself; take your time and gradually increase the duration and the difficulty levels.

What to exercise?

For the following exercises, you’ll need to fulfill your grocery list with few pieces of workout equipment (peanut ball and/or Pilates ball, exercise bands and weights).


Lie on the floor and put your arms beside your body (use them to control your back and to stay in the same position). Straighten your legs and keep them over the floor for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise four times. Breathe properly (breathe in and breathe out deeply and calmly).

For this exercise, you’ll need a Pilates or a peanut ball. Lie on the floor and put your legs on a bed or a chair, so that your knees make a 90° angle and your waist is near the couch/bed. Place the ball between your legs and press with your joints. Take the ball with your legs to the stomach then get back to first position. Repeat the exercise 20 times.


home fitness
Take the weights. Stand straight, slightly bend your knees and place your arms at the height of the waist, then bend them by making a 90° angles. Keep your torso straight and look in front of you. Move your arms back and forth (like skiing). Repeat every move 20 times.

Stand right, spread your legs and lean forward. Your body should be set in a pose of 90 degrees. Let your arms to hang down, holding weights. Slowly move them outwards, using them as wings. Return them to hang straight down, then spread again. Repeat the exercise 30 minutes.


Put the resistance (exercise) band around your legs, in the height of your tibia bones. Slightly squat and stay in that position, then put your left foot out on the side and swing your right arm in front of you. Quickly change to right foot – left arm. Do the exercise as faster as you can and repeat it 20 times.

Stand straight and firmly to the floor. Keep your joints merged. Fold hands as in prayer and keep them in front of your chest. Raise one leg as high as you can, moving into the air like in a karate kick. Slowly lower and merge it to your other leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times for both legs. Don’t forget to breathe properly (inhale when in air, exhale when on the floor).


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