Natural Painkillers From Your Kitchen 16.05.2016

Natural painkillers

Your kitchen cabinet holds many secrets, one of which is that it is filled with super powered herbs and spices that have medicinal properties. Ingredients from your kitchen cabinet could not only treat your pain, but they could cure the root cause of the problem thereby ensuring that the pain doesn’t resurface again. And the best part, unlike over the counter medicines and drugs, these natural painkillers have no side effects!

So here is a ready reckoner of natural painkillers you could easily reach out to, either by peeking in to your kitchen cabinet or adding them to your grocery list.


This yellow spice, with its unique flavor, contains a compound called curcumin which is an antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radicals. Turmeric has many medicinal benefits and amongst others can treat indigestion, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach upsets, psoriasis, as well as cuts and burns.

Ginger & Holy Basil

Both ginger and basil are key ingredients of Ayurvedic medicine. Similar to turmeric, even ginger and holy basil (or tulsi in Sanskrit) contain the compound curcumin and are used to treat inflammation and pain. We recommend adding ginger and holy basil to tea for a delicious concoction.

Devil’s Claw

While the name of this herb doesn’t necessarily instill confidence, in reality Devil’s claw is a very useful herb for treating multiple health conditions including heartburn, arthritis, headaches, and lower back discomfort.

Birch Leaf

Birch Leaf is truly one of the most powerful pain-relievers known to man. It promotes enzymatic secretions in the body and works as effectively as an over the counter drug, if not better. It is helpful in curing arthritis, lupus, skin disease, autoimmune disorders, and more.

Bell Peppers

natural pain relief
Capsaicin, a compound found in peppers, is a magical cure for pain. Capsaicin temporarily desensitizes the nerve receptors that react to pain. In addition to effectively reducing pain, capsaicin also treats soreness.


Peppermint is a popular home remedy for toothaches, joint conditions, skin irritations and muscle pains.


This delicious herb has super medicinal qualities too. Ancient wisdom tells us that placing a clove between the cheek and teeth almost immediately cures toothache. Modern medicine tells us that cloves also cure pains related to headaches, arthritic inflammation, and can be used as a topical pain reliever.


Some research shows that eating your favorite dessert like cookies, ice cream or chocolate can help relieve the sensation of pain. Alternatively, bake some cookies; the smell of freshly baked cookies has therapeutic qualities too.

Heat and ice

Heat and ice are not surprising additions to this list, but often times they are the overlooked but easily available cures at every home. One of the most common home remedies since times immemorial has been topical application of heat or ice. Ice can reduce inflammation or swelling be it in muscles, tendons or ligaments. Moreover, it helps cure headaches and toothaches. Heat on the other hand, helps drive away pain from joints, muscles, etc.


It is well known that drinking sufficient water throughout the day is good for your overall being. But did you also know that water helps immensely in pain management? For people suffering with chronic back pains, staying well hydrated helps the intervertebral discs stay healthy. Drinking sufficient water keeps the joints well lubricated and reduces stiffness. Water also helps the blood carry nutrients to different parts of the body, thereby helping the body heal itself.


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