10 Awesome Benefits of Yoga 11.05.2016

yoga benefits

Yoga has more benefits than we can count but we picked our 10 most favorite benefits of this holistic discipline. Yoga, a 5000 years old practice, has the power to heal you physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Many of the benefits it provides are scientifically proven, and there is no arguing that practicing yoga regularly will change your life.

There are very few things you need to start practicing yoga. Your shopping list need only include a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes. That is all you need to get started and to enjoy the innumerable benefits of yoga.

Mental peace and clarity

One of the most potent benefits of yoga is the sense of calm and emotional well-being. Yoga focuses heavily on breathing techniques, balance and slow stretching techniques all of which improve mental well-being and relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Enhances memory and cognitive powers

Yoga helps brain functioning, increases memory capacity, and improves concentration. Yoga improves your blood flow, including blood flow and oxygen to the brain making it perform better. Yoga also helps relieve stress through meditation, helping you focus better.

Increases strength, agility and resistance

In yoga, you are required to get into and hold positions that will naturally strengthen your muscles and build your resistance. Regular yoga practice stretches and tones muscles making them stronger. It also improves your body posture. As you advance in yoga, and do it more often, your body gets stronger and lighter at the same time. Not to mention, you become more agile and are able to hold the postures with greater ease each time.

Increases energy

If you feel worn out by the end of the day, then there is no better cure than yoga. A few minutes of yoga can create the energy you need to keep going for an entire day and can leave you feeling fresh.

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Helps weight loss

Yoga improves the body’s metabolism tremendously thereby helping you in your efforts to lose weight. Improved metabolism translates to easily burnt calories while utilizing the foods nutrients and vitamins better. Yoga also increases lean muscles thereby toning your body.

Improves breathing

Yoga utilizes ‘pranayama’ which literally translates to ‘control of energy’ in Sanskrit. Pranayama is technique of controlling energy through better breathing. Not only does it improve your state of awareness and enhance emotional and psychological well-being, but also help improves lung capacity and treats respiratory and lung disorders. Pranayama also trains you in the art of reduced pace of breathing which is known to increase life span.

Improves immunity

Doing yoga regularly will improve your immune system. A healthy immune system means lesser chance of contracting the common cold, flu, etc. A strong immune system will also help you fight diseases like cancer in the long run.

Keeps your heart healthy

Yoga has the ability to reduce blood pressure – thanks to its breathing techniques, meditation techniques and stretching exercises. High blood pressure is known to be the most common reason for heart attacks, so doing yoga regularly can reduce your risk of a heart attack.

Prevents and cures diseases

The healing powers of yoga will astound you. The design of the postures combined with the focused breathing and meditation have a cumulative effect on your health thereby preventing many degenerative diseases while curing many too. Practicing yoga regularly will help you fight off all cholesterol related diseases, diabetes, nervous system related diseases, digestion related diseases, arthritis, heart diseases, etc. It also improves blood circulation, alleviates pain and fights depression and Alzheimer’s.

Makes you happier

Yoga has numerous effects on your mind, thereby improving your overall wellbeing and life. Yoga is known to help your mind attain inner peace and create greater awareness. The mind becomes sharper, more intuitive and responds better to stress and anxiety. People practicing yoga are known to generally have a better outlook towards life, be more positive and have better, stronger relationships. And one doesn’t need to be a yoga expert, even the basic yoga postures will help you attain a peaceful mind and be your happy self.


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