Hot new version of “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7: more features in your favorite shopping list app! 16.05.2014

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If anyone ever tells you that pies can’t grow – do not believe it. They definitely can! We believe it’s high time to enhance the functionality of our “Buy Me a Pie!” shopping list for iOS 7, so today we are releasing the new version, that surpasses all the previous versions. Want to know what secret ingredients we’ve added to “Buy Me a Pie!” to make it delicacy? Or, maybe, would like to find a way to get it free of change?

  • By the most popular demand we’ve implemented the possibility to share separate shopping lists between different accounts. How it works: you log in to the app, open the list you want to share, proceed to your contacts list and add everyone you would like to sync this list with. People selected by you get invitations to their emails – and voila! You can even share the list with people who don’t use “Buy Me a Pie!” application at all, they will able to handle the list on our site.


  • What if you want to keep on synchronizing all your lists, i.e. share your account with someone, like before? No problem, just continue using the app the way you used to!
  • Privacy and conspiracy: private non-shared lists. If you would like to keep some of your lists private, just to not share them with anyone and do not let anybody into your account. You do not need to store your holiday gifts lists outside the app now!
  • The number of lists increased greatly – now you can have up to 20 of them.
  • You wonder if it is possible to copy your lists to clipboard to paste them somewhere? Yes, this possibility has been added too!
  • Old notifications about the changes in the lists are now automatically deleted. You do not have to clear them off manually anymore.
  • We added two more localizations for products dictionary – Polish and Romanian.

Do you already have “Buy Me a Pie!” PRO for iOS 7? If yes, just check if you have the latest version of it.

If you don’t have our shopping list app yet – welcome to download “Buy Me a Pie! – Grocery Shopping List”

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  • Shaun

    Stop the annoying push messages for the non-ios7-users, plz!

    • Paul Fielding

      Yes, ditto. I paid my money, the classic app works fine. I didn’t buy the app to continually get push reminders that I should upgrade to a newer one…