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Helpful Tips on Buying Meat 02.06.2016

how to buy meat

Meat plays an important role in at least one of our daily meals. It is a good source of protein, which is vital for a healthy diet. It also has a very high mineral content including body essentials like magnesium, zinc and iron. In fact, most of us surely do not forget to include it on our shopping list.

Let’s find out how to purchase good meat and the most healthful cuts we can find at the market. We need to be extra careful and wise when shopping for meat and poultry since this can really boost the nutrition of our meals. Here are some reliable guidelines on purchasing meat.
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Safe Selling on the Internet 27.04.2016

safe selling online

We are living in a digital world, but that can be a really useful thing! If you are looking to downsize in your home and would like to get rid of some stuff, then selling it online could be a great option. Thanks to websites such as Ebay and Craigslist, people all over the country are selling their old stuff and making a pretty penny to boot! Even so, there are some very important safety measures to take before jumping onto the online selling bandwagon. Follow these tips and you will be a successful seller.
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How to Pick Fresh Ripe Vegetables 30.03.2016

how to pick vegetables
The secret to a delicious meal is perfect, healthy ingredients – we all know that. But picking the freshest vegetables and getting your money’s worth somehow always seems to be a gamble. We instinctively know to avoid bruised and blemished vegetables, but there is more to the art of picking fresh, nutritious vegetables from the lot.

Different vegetables in your grocery list have different shelf-lives, different tell-tale signs of being ripe and nutritious and different tips to select the best of the lot. While of course color, size and smell are great markers as a common thumb rule, here are some specific clues for the most common vegetables.
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5 Strange Foods to Try Before You Die 22.03.2016

most weird foods@photo

Steak, mashed potato, carbonara, pizza – these are just among the staple foods that we eat on a regular basis. We always make sure that ingredients of the aforementioned foods are always included on our shopping lists. However, there may be times that you actually feel fed up eating those usual foods, you sometimes look for recipes online that will satiate your craving. You’ve bumped into several weird foods that originated from different countries.

Although you see how people love eating them, you’re still not sure whether they taste good, right? But you know, it would be nice to try something outside your comfort zone. Are you brave enough to try strange, but heavenly delicious, foods from different parts of the world? We are listing down some strange foods that you must try before your last day on Earth arrives.
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How to Shop More Mindfully for Healthier Food in the Store Cupboard 21.03.2016

mindful shopping@photo

Do you hate the way your store cupboard seems to be full of the wrong sort of food? Are your shelves brimming with high-sugar, processed foods you don’t even remember buying? Maybe you need to follow a few simple rules, so you can shop more mindfully, and bring home the foods that will help you and your family eat a more wholesome, healthy diet.
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4 Weird Fruits and Their Health Benefits 16.03.2016

exotic fruits@photo

You are preparing your shopping list – apples, bananas, mangoes and grapes – you’re listing down fruits your family loves to eat. However, there may be moments wherein you find these staple fruits dull, you’d probably want to try something new, but you are unsure what exactly should be added on your shopping list. You think you can try some exotic yet delicious and nutritious fruits? We have listed down several options that you can have!
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Retail Therapy for Weight Loss 03.03.2016

shopping therapy

Shop till you drop, goes the saying. And we recommend you take it literally. If shopping is your favorite pastime and being laden with shopping bags is your idea of fun, then you are in luck. While science has already established that retail therapy has emotional benefits what very few will tell you is that shopping can help you lose weight too. Shopping is a great calorie burner!

Don’t believe us, here is the math – Research shows that on an average women burn around 50,000 calories shopping every year (around to 160 calories per hour shopping). And there is more, one shopping spree amounts to 7000+ steps on an average, i.e. around 6 kms of walking (brisk walking if you hurry from one store to another) per trip and 250 kms a year!

While it is not a substitute for your daily dose of exercise, there are a few ways you can optimize your shopping trips. Seemingly simple things like where to park your car or whether or not to maintain a shopping list make a whole lot of difference.
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The Power of Grocery Coupons 29.02.2016

grocery coupons

Having a grocery list is certainly a great way to save some money with your weekly expenses, especially if you strictly follow everything you have listed. However, apart from sticking to your budget, coupons are also proven helpful in order for you to lessen your expenses. In fact, most professional coupon users say that they can even save as much as 80% on their budget if you just know how to match all the deals that you can get from your trusted shopping center and online coupon providers. Instead of throwing away of those flyers and just shrugging off those deals that you have seen on websites and social media platforms, why don’t you take advantage of these and start slashing a huge percentage from your budget through couponing?
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Choosing a Coat Based on Your Body Shape 26.02.2016

how to choose winter coat@photo

Many women know that their body shape can help them choose the perfect clothing. Yet it is not always easy to dress for your body type. Moreover, the colder winter months can make you just want to wrap yourself in a huge parka and call it a day. Well, before you give up, check out these tips for choosing a winter coat based on your body shape. No need for a confusing shopping list, because there is something here for everyone!
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