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Incredible Chicken Recipe That Requires 2 Ingredients Only 03.02.2016

baked chicken recipe@photo

Eating chicken the same way everyday can get so boring and you could find your taste buds losing interest in this great staple food. So why not try other recipes with chicken as the main ingredient and see how it turns out? We have the best and easiest one right here; a 2-ingredient chicken recipe. Sounds unrealistic, right? Of course you want to maintain a stable budget while still doing miracles in your kitchen. We prepared a tantalizing chicken recipe for you that will cost you less than $15 for 4-6 servings.

We are talking soft, juicy and boneless chicken pieces with crusty skin that your friends and family are going to enjoy to the last piece. Preparation takes few minutes and few steps. This kitchen recipe is a perfect serve for dinner with salad and fries then finish it off with a nice dessert.
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“Buy Me a Pie!” lists can be shared via Facebook Messenger now! 30.07.2015

facebook messenger sharing

Let’s admit it: we chat, and we chat a lot. The only thing that we use more that chats is probably Facebook. The popularity of Facebook all over the world naturally resulted in the vast spread of Facebook messenger. So we thought it would be great if you could share your grocery lists right there. Really, isn’t it cool to be able to discuss things you want to purchase before adding them to a list without switching between chats and apps? Читать дальше ““Buy Me a Pie!” lists can be shared via Facebook Messenger now!” »

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“Buy Me a Pie!” is giving away 1 year of PRO subscription! (FINISHED) 11.06.2015

"Buy Me a Pie!" giveaway

We’re anxious to announce good news: “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS has its 4th anniversary! This has been a really long way and amazing time: from a small app with a single grocery list up to a feature-rich cross-platform service, daily used by over 75 thousand of people, with over 6 million downloads worldwide. We would like to take this opportunity and thank you, people, for being with us during these years! “Buy Me a Pie!” would not be what it is without your feedback and support. We appreciate your trust in our application, we value every single idea suggested, issue reported and payment made.

We can’t make out any better way to thank you than make a little present to our iOS users.
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Hot new version of “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7: more features in your favorite shopping list app! 16.05.2014

picteng1 (1)

If anyone ever tells you that pies can’t grow – do not believe it. They definitely can! We believe it’s high time to enhance the functionality of our “Buy Me a Pie!” shopping list for iOS 7, so today we are releasing the new version, that surpasses all the previous versions. Want to know what secret ingredients we’ve added to “Buy Me a Pie!” to make it delicacy? Or, maybe, would like to find a way to get it free of change? Читать дальше “Hot new version of “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7: more features in your favorite shopping list app!” »

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We need less toilet paper, sir! 14.02.2014


from Dmitry Joukov,
Art Director of  “Buy Me a Pie!” and 5EVEN, Head of Bodybeat

Not long ago I’ve published a story about the creation of icon for “Buy Me a Pie!” in iOS 7 style and the results of our attempts. I was surprised to see the rush of comments under it, and according to their number and the willingness you shared your opinions on the icons the topic turned out to be a matter of interest! The whole “Buy Me a Pie!” team was monitoring the comments closely since everyone was eager to know which icon wins. As a result #1 proved to be Number One, and frankly speaking I expected that. Now I’d like to tell you more about this very icon: why it was made the way it was made.

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