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Get Recipes in Facebook Messenger with Dinner Ideas Bot! 22.06.2016

dinner ideas Hundreds of cookbooks and tons of cooking websites are fine, when you have time and mood to idly browse through numerous recipes trying to decide, if you’d like to try any of these unusual dishes. But none of them is able to give a quick and exact answer to the most pressing question of all time – what to cook for dinner tonight? Where is that magiс service that can look at the products you have and just tell you what you can cook with them?

It’s right here, in your Facebook Messenger. Meet our new Dinner Ideas Bot!

All you need to use it is actually Facebook Messenger. No apps to install, no subscriptions or anything else. Just open or simply enter “Dinner Ideas” in the search field of the Facebook messenger. That’s it!

There are several things our bot can do for you:
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“Buy Me a Pie!” lists can be shared via Facebook Messenger now! 30.07.2015

facebook messenger sharing

Let’s admit it: we chat, and we chat a lot. The only thing that we use more that chats is probably Facebook. The popularity of Facebook all over the world naturally resulted in the vast spread of Facebook messenger. So we thought it would be great if you could share your grocery lists right there. Really, isn’t it cool to be able to discuss things you want to purchase before adding them to a list without switching between chats and apps? Читать дальше ““Buy Me a Pie!” lists can be shared via Facebook Messenger now!” »

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“Buy Me a Pie!” is giving away 1 year of PRO subscription! (FINISHED) 11.06.2015

"Buy Me a Pie!" giveaway

We’re anxious to announce good news: “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS has its 4th anniversary! This has been a really long way and amazing time: from a small app with a single grocery list up to a feature-rich cross-platform service, daily used by over 75 thousand of people, with over 6 million downloads worldwide. We would like to take this opportunity and thank you, people, for being with us during these years! “Buy Me a Pie!” would not be what it is without your feedback and support. We appreciate your trust in our application, we value every single idea suggested, issue reported and payment made.

We can’t make out any better way to thank you than make a little present to our iOS users.
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