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Homemade Bread: 3 Simple Recipes and Healthy Tips 07.05.2015

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Nothing quite draws a person in like the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven. There’s almost no resisting that delicious flavor and texture unique to home-baked bread. But making your own bread is a lot of work, right? It doesn’t have to be.

As a rule we publish grocery shopping tips here. But today we’d like to suggest not to go shopping at all, or maybe shop for some ingredients only. That’ll be real shopping on a budget!

Here are three simple recipes to follow to make three different kinds of healthy bread that your friends and family are sure to enjoy.

Whole Wheat

A simple and delicious basic bread recipe is like gold in terms of food nutrition. You can make it for far less than buying loaves at the store and it is way better tasting and you know what’s in it. The following recipe is made with 100% whole wheat but is soft and moist with a gentle hearty flavor.
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Healthy Eating: Butter or Margarine? 10.04.2015

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When it comes to providing a healthy meal for your family it can be difficult to find the right food nutrition. This is compounded by the fact that you want a healthy family and yet also want the meals to taste good. So when you come across the issue of butter or margarine which do you use? There are various butters and substitutes on the market today and creating a healthy shopping list can be challenging. The following article will outline the differences between butter and its substitutes as well as provide some grocery shopping tips and supermarket ideas so that you can provide your family with healthy eating habits. Читать дальше “Healthy Eating: Butter or Margarine?” »

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Shop Smart with Grocery List Strategies: What not to Buy in Bulk 10.03.2015

If you want to save on foods, start at the beginning – with your shopping list.

Smart shopping is all about strategy and flexibility. Shopping on a budget may have you thinking, “bulk bulk bulk!” but that is not always the best plan. To really start saving money, you’ll have to shop smart, too. There are many effective grocery shopping tips already out there, and here’s another you may want to try.

Whether you’re a member of a wholesale chain or not, this plan may help you feel more at ease and ready to start saving money while shopping smart. Use this plan as a guideline for how to organize your grocery list. It works by separating your list into three main categories: the Must Haves, the Get Ifs, and the Treats.
And which is worth buying in bulk?

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Hot new version of “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7: more features in your favorite shopping list app! 16.05.2014

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If anyone ever tells you that pies can’t grow – do not believe it. They definitely can! We believe it’s high time to enhance the functionality of our “Buy Me a Pie!” shopping list for iOS 7, so today we are releasing the new version, that surpasses all the previous versions. Want to know what secret ingredients we’ve added to “Buy Me a Pie!” to make it delicacy? Or, maybe, would like to find a way to get it free of change? Читать дальше “Hot new version of “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7: more features in your favorite shopping list app!” »

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We need less toilet paper, sir! 14.02.2014


from Dmitry Joukov,
Art Director of  “Buy Me a Pie!” and 5EVEN, Head of Bodybeat

Not long ago I’ve published a story about the creation of icon for “Buy Me a Pie!” in iOS 7 style and the results of our attempts. I was surprised to see the rush of comments under it, and according to their number and the willingness you shared your opinions on the icons the topic turned out to be a matter of interest! The whole “Buy Me a Pie!” team was monitoring the comments closely since everyone was eager to know which icon wins. As a result #1 proved to be Number One, and frankly speaking I expected that. Now I’d like to tell you more about this very icon: why it was made the way it was made.

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«Buy Me a Pie!» Goes Thai 28.05.2013


Russian winter is not just a season – it’s a way of life. Trust us, it’s really cold here in winter months.That’s why this year the «Buy Me a Pie!» team decided to experiment and moved to Koh Samui, Thailand for a month. The idea was to see how the climate change affects efficiency and team spirit. Now that we’re back, and the initial excitement is over, we’ll share our impressions with you.
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