Update Your Spring Fashion Looks 19.04.2016

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The weather is getting warmer, and you know what that means! A new spring wardrobe is in your future. Even if you don’t want to shell out big bucks to elevate your closet to the next level, you can take a cue from our fashion guidelines. These tips and tricks will help you bring your style A-game this spring!

Opt for Off-the-Shoulders

Show a little skin this spring, but still leave something to the imagination. For this season, it is going to be all about off-the-shoulder looks for dresses and shirts. Many designers are taking things a step up and using shoulder cut-outs to flash some flesh. We’re even seeing this in full-length jumpsuits, rompers, and sweaters.

Stick with a Classic

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The crisp white button-down shirt will never go out of style. Plus, the springtime is a great time to resurrect this wardrobe staple from your closet. After all, all body types, heights, and skin tones look absolutely smashing in a classy white blouse. Channel a cool vibe with button-downs that feature slits, ruching, or cut-outs. They go with everything: trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts…

Live in Lingerie

This spring trend may be for the more daring fashionistas, but we have been seeing it all over the designer runways. Models were decked out in lingerie that is meant to be worn all day (and into the night.) Before you get scared, these looks are styled in a way that is still put-together, not sleazy. For example, we saw shirts layered with slips on top, as well as lace and satin detailing on dresses and skirts. More plunging necklines and delicate embroidery help to bring a little bit of the bedroom outside, so don;t forget to add them to your shopping list!

Art Deco You Can Wear

If you aren’t familiar with the Art Deco movement, just take a hint from the latest runway fashions. Designers are opting for brighter colors that bring new life to garments. We are seeing things like the colorblock trend, but featuring different hues and fabrics. Mix and match to find a blend that you enjoy (such as leather and lace, or satin and cotton.) Another Art Deco element is literally eye-popping details, such as 3D decals, patterns, and appliques.

Pretty Pleating

Don’t worry, the pleating trend is not going to make you look like a schoolgirl! It will, however, up your fashion game and help you elongate your legs. Whether on a skirt or dress, pleats can add more fullness to a garment, as well as pull the eye to your best physical features (waist, hips, legs.) Pleating combined with a fun pattern or design helps to add a spring to your step and closet! Explore with varying lengths and fabrics to mix it up from time to time.


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