4 Weird Fruits and Their Health Benefits 16.03.2016

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You are preparing your shopping list – apples, bananas, mangoes and grapes – you’re listing down fruits your family loves to eat. However, there may be moments wherein you find these staple fruits dull, you’d probably want to try something new, but you are unsure what exactly should be added on your shopping list. You think you can try some exotic yet delicious and nutritious fruits? We have listed down several options that you can have!


Jamaica’s National Fruit, Ackee is definitely something you have to try. It’s provides 2.5 grams of fiber for every 3.5 ounce of serving, and contains 15.2 grams of fat, which actually has no saturated fat. Because of that, it’s best for people who are trying to keep their cholesterol level normal, and those who are constipated. However, you have to be very careful before you eat an Ackee – it can be poisonous and can cause vomiting and hypoglycemia (decrease of blood glucose), which can lead to comatose or death. You have to make sure that it’s fully ripe, wherein it opens naturally. Only the white, brain-looking part can be consumed.


Name derived from a Malay word which means “hairy’ – you’d probably realized why. Rambutan originated from Asia but is now cultivated in different parts of the world. It’s sweet and can be eaten raw, but you can also cook it with sugar and add shredded ice and milk to make it a refreshing desert.

African Horned Cucumber

Also known as “blowfish fruit” and “kiwano melon,” the African Horned Cucumber is something that you must add on your shopping list. It will literally burst inside your mouth when eaten. It tastes like zucchini and cucumber, and when ripe, it’s more of like a banana. It’s rich in fiber and Vitamin C! If you do not like to eat it alone, you can simply toss it on a salad to provide added flavor and texture.


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The “king of al fruit” requires enough courage to be eaten because of its pungent, strong smell. It has spiky husk with custard-like insides. To those who are not fond of eating it, it can be a challenge, but once you have tried it, it’s definitely worth the risk! Moreover, it’s rich in thiamin, riboflavin, Vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A and B6, and some other important minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and many more!

These 4 exotic fruits are undoubtedly worth trying. Do not think about the weird look or unappetizing smell because these can definitely bring you to heaven once you have tried eating them! Add them on your shopping list now!


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