Write your favorite quotes on your room wall 19.02.2016

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Words are powerful; will they be spoken, written or painted is your choice. Have you ever thought of decorating your room exactly with them? Frames and photos, wallpapers, clocks and colored walls are, without doubt, the things that give your home an artistic touch and a spiritual, intelligent atmosphere. But, if you want to be unique and known as the person with the most creative room, think of the title of this article and make the idea become your creative truth. Maybe you already have something similar on your walls, like a wallpaper or photo, but the real avant-garde challenge is to use any material you have at home and to make your room’s walls speak for your great character!

There are few steps you must take, so you can get the perfect quotes wall.

Choose your favorite quotes

Internet, with all the magic and instant poetry, like that one on Facebook covers or Instagram photos, has made some quotes to sound lame, over-used and cliché-like. You don’t have to follow trends, groups or common interests; on contrary, be yourself to the smallest part of your existence. You can find the perfect quotes for your wall in a movie, a song you like or even write one by yourself. You can always re-paint your walls, but to save money and time, think of the quote as of a tattoo.

Look for designs and fonts on the Internet

After you choose the quotes you like, choose or invent your own font. Don’t forget Da Vinci’s words: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. So make the letters simple and elegant, or sharp and clear. However, if you like to experiment, mix colors and fonts!

Choose the right place

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Don’t put too much quotes on one place, or under any decoration on the wall. Find a free wall, and make templates. Don’t put the quote on the wall until you find the perfect form.

Materials and accessories

You can use pencils and draw (write) the quotes by yourself. This real wall graphic will give the wall a 3D look. If you’re not sure about your artistic abilities, call a friend to help you. Be patient, make corrections and watch out the lines. You can write down a short shopping list and buy wire, rope or paper, and put effort in using creatively this materials – don’t quit! If you love lights, you can place few spot lamps near the quotes.

Make quote categories

If you want to have many quotes on the same wall, group them by categories. For example, you can have quotes on life, motivation, love, animals, art, career…Read them as many times as needed and then do some combinations.

“Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly – they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.”  Aldous Huxley, “Brave New World”


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