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How to Spring Clean Without Realizing It 01.06.2016

cleaning tips

Want a cleaner home but feel too lazy to actually clean? These tips and tricks are sure to help you spruce up your living space – no hefty shopping list necessary.

Quick and Easy Organizing

First things first: find a spot for everything, and if you can’t find a spot for it then you might want to seriously consider doing away with it. A good rule of thumb is to place like items together (clothing, kitchen wares, office supplies, etc.) For those items that you haven’t used in ages (or over 6 months) it’s time to either toss them, sell them, or give them away to someone. This quick and easy organization will enhance the look of your home right away.
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How to Childproof Your Kitchen 27.05.2016

safe kitchen for kids@photo

A kitchen is certainly the heart of a house which supplies all its residents with all their edible necessities and families tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Even though a kitchen is one of the most crucial places in a house, it’s also one of the most dangerous place since all the items and equipment you use there is hazardous if not handled properly which makes this place a peril for kids since they have no idea how to use any of that stop. The fact that a kitchen contains a lot of things that are dangerous for a child also make it harder to childproof. Although an adult should always be present to watch over any children that enter the kitchen, there are a few techniques and items that you can include in your shopping list that your kitchen is safe for children this reducing accident chances.
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DIY Decorated Flower Pots 26.05.2016

flower pot decoration@photo

No matter what season it is, your home certainly has flowers. If you’re tired of the same pots or have received a new flower as a gift and you don’t have an adequate pot for this graceful plant, we are willing as ever to share some great ideas with you. Some techniques may be a challenge for you and your creativity, but you will certainly enjoy the process of creating your personal artwork and seeing it as a final product. Let’s begin!
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How to Make Your Own Bee Hotel 25.05.2016

bee hotel

You have probably heard of the worrying decline in bee populations throughout the world. These beautiful creatures play a vital role in the pollination of flowers, vegetables, nuts and fruit. Now you can play your part in helping to save the world’s bees by making your very own bee hotel. This will be a nesting place where solitary bees lay their eggs and the eggs develop into adult bees.

Building a bee hotel is surprisingly simple and easy. A basic one could be made in less than half an hour. You can buy some bee hotels, but don’t add one to your shopping list just yet. It is much cheaper and more satisfying to make your own.
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How to Clean the Things You Never Clean 23.05.2016

cleaning tips

When it comes to spring cleaning, most of us would rather put it off until…whenever. But with just a simple shopping list and these great do-it-yourself techniques, you can quickly and easily clean up those everyday items that you use all the time but never actually clean. Yet if you learned just how dirty these common household items are, you would turn into Cinderella in a heartbeat. Here is how to have a spotless cell phone, keyboard, and more!
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Kitchen Related Wedding Gifts 18.05.2016

wedding gift ideas@photo

A wedding is certainly one of the most important and joyous occasion in one’s life which brings a union that lasts for a lifetime. It’s the time to celebrate the bond and wish the couple a happy journey. When one receives an invitation or hears the news about a wedding that will take place soon, the excitement and joy that flows in is followed by a worry of picking a good wedding gift.

Everyone wants to gift the couple something that will not only express love but also be useful in daily life but foraging for a gift like that can sometimes become a hectic task requiring a lot of thinking a research but there are certain things that everyone needs, especially when they are starting a new life and setting up a new house. Kitchen is one of those places which is filled with things that are crucial to daily life and are certainly appreciated as gifts on weddings. Here are a few ideas that you can include in your shopping list if you intend to get a wedding gift for someone.
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Look After Your Houseplants And They Will Look After You 16.05.2016

houseplants benefits@photo

As well as looking beautiful and creating a relaxing ambience in your home, it now seems that there are health benefits to be derived from keeping houseplants! Let’s take a look at some of the surprising ways in which houseplants can protect you and your family’s health. We also give some handy tips on how to keep your houseplants alive and well.
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Bring Beauty to the Bathroom 22.04.2016

bathroom cleaning

You know, we can really tell a lot about how a person takes care of their home by visiting their powder room. And we’re not talking about the interior design or the size of this private room. We mean cleanliness. If you have been shirking your bathroom-cleaning duties, fret no more. We have some awesome cleaning tricks for your powder room. No expensive shopping list required here, just some set-aside time, good old-fashioned effort, and your creativity.
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