The best and worst time for grocery shopping 02.05.2015

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Groceries are an important part of our meals, and because of that we need to do whatever it takes in order to try and include them in our meals as often as possible. The best way to do such a thing is by ensuring that we go and get them at the right time. Yes, one of the most important grocery tips that will help you shop smart is to try and buy groceries at the right time, as this is what will help you especially if you are shopping on a budget.

Start with the Sales Week

You can find a wide range of advices that will help you start shopping smarter for groceries when you are online. Some of the shops will start the sales week on Monday, others on Thursday, while others focus on the weekend. No matter the date, you need to find it, because this is when the fresh groceries will appear, and that’s exactly what you want at all times.

Go when the bins receive the new stock

A good idea to shop smart for groceries is to enter the shop when the new groceries are provided. This usually happens sometimes between the mid-morning up to the early afternoon. Most stores are bringing in the fresh groceries near this time, so you need to try and take this into account in order to get the best possible results. This allows you to receive the best produce, but do remember that at the same time you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood and fresh meat around this hour as well.

Ask the department manager for more info

If you are shopping on a budget and rely on a certain store to get the groceries all the time, then you should ask the department manager to help you understand when you can get these fresh groceries, as this will help you obtain the results you seek quickly. Sometimes, this is an essential thing for the family planner, so take this into account if you want to shop for groceries and improve your shopping habits while also spending a fraction of the price.

Weeknights after dinner

People usually finish their schedule at work around 5-6 PM, and after a quick shopping spree around that hour they come back home. A good family planner will be able to fulfill all the weekly grocery list fast after 7-8 PM, when you won’t find that many people in the stores, because they are at home eating. At the same time, since you go right after eating, you don’t have to deal with impulse spending on groceries or any other stuff, which is even better as it helps you save on foods the right way.

Avoid the rush hour

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The rush hour is right after work, but it can also be during the midday in weekends, where people aren’t working and want to get their groceries for the next week. For any family planner, these are shopping habits that might be usual, but in the end you need to realize that going at the rush hour will only lead to frustration since all lines are longer. Also, it takes a lot of time to wait until you get out of the store and it’s just a bad experience overall, which you might not enjoy at all.

Weekend afternoons should be avoided

If there’s a certain time during the week when you should totally avoid to perform family meal planning and getting groceries, that should definitely be during the weekend afternoons, because everyone does that and you will find yourself waiting a lot of time in line. If you are wondering how to organize a grocery list, then create one with the things you need from home, and then choose the right time to get your groceries as this is an essential thing to do to say the least.

Weekend mornings

Few people know this, but if you are wondering when you should try to perform family meal planning and go grocery shopping, then that would be the weekend mornings. These are the best times because there aren’t that many persons, but all the products from the weekly grocery list are fresh, and that’s something you will like for sure. At the same time, the store is quiet, the shelves are stocked, and there’s just a stunning experience to say the least.
As you can see, there are many times when you can perform your shopping habits and get the groceries you need, it all depends on your schedule. During the morning or even at the beginning of the afternoon it’s the best time to do this, but you can also get the groceries in the weekend mornings as well. If you want, you can try to get these at variable times, just to keep things interesting. Either way, you are bound to appreciate the outcome, just make sure that you have the grocery list prepared!




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