Worldwide Shopping Days and Hours 27.11.2015

shopping days and hours
What time and day do you usually go shopping? Does your friend or neighbour come along with you? Maybe even the nearest country goes shopping just at the same time like you. And what about the whole globe? Maybe everyone on the planet shops at the same time.

Did you ever wonder if there are any differences in shopping habits around the globe? We at “Buy Me a Pie!” knew there definitely should be some differences and we found them in our stats as well as similarities.

We present here two days of a week which are the busiest with crossing off items in the “Buy Me a Pie!” shopping list app for each of 10 countries. Each day is broken into hours to show one or two hours a day which are the busiest with shopping.

So, we got that almost the whole world goes shopping on Sunday and Monday at 11AM and 12PM.

shopping time

Why do our users prefer shopping on Sunday and Monday? Why don’t they shop that much on Wednesday? Look, the Wednesday block is empty at all.

Brazil shops on Tuesday while Friday is for shopping in Russia and Canada besides the Sunday shopping. Germany, Italy and Spain shop on Saturday as well as on Monday. Spain goes shopping also on Thursday.

Monday is for shopping in the USA, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Sweden. Sunday shopping is usual for the USA, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Brazil, Australia and Sweden.

And what was a surprise, the most active hours happen to be 11AM and 12PM. Four of ten countries shop at 11AM and other three prefer shopping at noon. Only Canada, Denmark and Spain shop in the evening. It was possible to distinguish one active hour for all of the countries except for Brazil and Sweden. These countries shop twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

What makes people from all over the world shop at the same time? Presumably, it is an intention to save time and money. Most people shop once a week and buy groceries in bulk and it happens to be the start or the end of a week.

Why do some countries shop on days other than Sundays and Mondays? Why do some shop in the morning while others prefer going to a store in the evening? We can only guess that this is some kind of habits and traditions. And by the way we all are bound by some rules and schedules.


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