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Shopping Habits in the USA 16.02.2016

shopping habits

Milk and Eggs are two popular groceries competing with each other all over the world and states of the USA are not an exception.

In two states: New York and California Eggs come before Milk, while in other three – Texas, Florida and Illinois – Milk is more loved. In Florida even Bread comes before Eggs.

Bananas stay as the most preferred fruit in most states, being extremely fast eaten in Illinois.

Another fruit – Apple – is eaten in California and New York more often than in Texas or Florida. In New York Apples are even more popular than Bananas.
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What country is the most green eating? 29.01.2016

what people eat in different countries

Who said Australians are the most meat-eating nation? Based on “Buy Me a Pie!” stats, 48% of Australians’ grocery lists are full with various kinds of vegetables and fruits, while meat’s part is only 12%.

There were some researches carried out to learn what nation eats more meat and there was a big competition between USA and Australia before Australia shot ahead. We decided to check out if this is true for our customers.
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Worldwide Shopping Days and Hours 27.11.2015

shopping days and hours
What time and day do you usually go shopping? Does your friend or neighbour come along with you? Maybe even the nearest country goes shopping just at the same time like you. And what about the whole globe? Maybe everyone on the planet shops at the same time.

Did you ever wonder if there are any differences in shopping habits around the globe? We at “Buy Me a Pie!” knew there definitely should be some differences and we found them in our stats as well as similarities.

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5 Most Popular Products According to “Buy Me a Pie!” Statistics 16.09.2015

We’ve always been curious what you, dear readers, really eat. We’ve written a lot about what to eat, and what not to eat, what is delicious and what is easy to cook – but we know that whatever we say, you have your own preferences, habits and cultural peculiarities. So we have analysed the anonymous data on our “Buy Me a Pie!” servers and got top-5 of products, most often added to the grocery lists by our users in 5 countries, in which we have the largest number of users. The result appears to be dazzling – all of us, regardless of country, can not live without 2 products! What are they? And what are other national hits? Let’s see!
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