Tips for a Successful Garage Sale 27.04.2016

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With the springtime approaching, you may want to throw a garage sale. Here are some tried and true tips so you can see the best chances of success. Then you can write a shopping list for all of the new stuff you want to buy!

Advertise it Appropriately

Before the garage sale even gets underway, you’re going to want to make sure that people know about. Nowadays there are lots of ways to get folks in your neighbor aware and excited about your event. Try posting an ad in the local newspaper or magazine, advertise online (such as Craigslist,) and put up signs, posters, and fliers around town. Try to get the word out about a week or two in advance (too far ahead of time and people will forget.)

Give a Team Effort

Why not get friends and family involved as well? Odds are that just about everyone needs to get rid of a few things, plus you will have more help on hand on the big day! Ask around your circles and see if anyone you know would like to join in on selling their stuff. Then you can have more hands on deck, which will ensure there is less risk of theft or lost items.

Make it Buyer-Friendly

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You can never underestimate the appeal of a put-together and streamlined garage sale. Rather than just dumping everything on a blanket and trying to sell it, organize like items together and utilize card tables, shelves, and baskets that you may already have. Big plastic storage containers are nice for keeping books or CDs. Coat racks or portable clothing racks will help you display any garments you want to sell.

Keep Things Clear and Concise

This means keeping aisles clear and ensuring that people have room to walk around and peruse. You may also want to play some music, have some water or lemonade (maybe for a small fee) and have prices displayed prominently and clearly. If potential buyers feel confused or crowded, they are likely to leave empty-handed.

Manage Money Wisely

Keep a money belt on you at all times. A money box or tin could mean disaster if it gets misplaced or even stolen. Lock the doors to your house and vehicle to ensure that you don’t get any unwanted visitors. Be sure to have a good amount of change on hand for quick and easy transactions.

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

Finally, remember that this is a garage sale, and people are looking to spend as little as possible. While you don’t want to drastically lower prices for a customer in the morning, but afternoon you may want to do some price cuts. Be sure to haggle and maybe consider lowering the cost if the customer is buying in bulk. Anything that you don’t sell at the garage sale could also be sold or auctioned off online (or donated!)


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