How to Protect Your Nails? 26.04.2016

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Nails reflect your style, your habits and your health. This statement does not affect the color of the nail polish you use, or how you decorate your nails; that is a matter taste. This article will give you tips and it will explain you the basic ways to protect your nails.
Many people think that having trimmed nails means going to expensive manicure salon. On contrary, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your nails done. The next few bullet points are the right tips you need!

Proper Nutrition

Proper and healthy diet involves consuming a lot of vitamins by eating vegetables and fruits, and of course, by drinking plenty of water. Proteins are also important for your nails; try to eat food that is rich with proteins. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you can take in protein by consuming food such as nuts, quinoa, eggs, and beans.

Everyday Damage

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Your nails are very sensitive and can easily get damaged. Chemicals, water and dust are their number one enemy at home. If you wash dishes frequently, or clean things covered with dust, by using various chemicals and detergents, add gloves to your shopping list to protect your nails. Nails soak up water faster than skin; because of this, they become softer and peel easy.


Excessive cold or hot weather can damage your nails. The biggest enemy is the wind. In winter, always wear gloves, even if you don’t feel cold. Although we all know that you adore the sun and going to the beach, you have to take care of your nails. In summer, moisture your hands and nails and protect them from sand. Small grains of sand can scratch your nails and damage their surface.

Trimming, filing, polishing and painting your nails

Cutting nails looks like a simple process, but you need to look out for the length of the nail. Do not overdo the cut, else you’ll damage the tips.

Always clean the area under your nails to protect them from bacteria. After you trim the nails, shape them with a nail file. Move the file from the corner of your nail towards the middle, and don’t go back and forth (that way, you will only make their edges weak and breakable). Polish your nails (you can use a multi-sided nail file for this). Choose a nail polish that you like and paint your nails. Try to find a long lasting nail polish, so you don’t have to paint them often. Overuse of nail polish remover damages your nails too.


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