How to Spring Clean Without Realizing It 01.06.2016

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Want a cleaner home but feel too lazy to actually clean? These tips and tricks are sure to help you spruce up your living space – no hefty shopping list necessary.

Quick and Easy Organizing

First things first: find a spot for everything, and if you can’t find a spot for it then you might want to seriously consider doing away with it. A good rule of thumb is to place like items together (clothing, kitchen wares, office supplies, etc.) For those items that you haven’t used in ages (or over 6 months) it’s time to either toss them, sell them, or give them away to someone. This quick and easy organization will enhance the look of your home right away.

Have a Shoe Bin

Or a basket, if that’s more your style. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting, some throw rugs here and there, or hardwood floors, you and your houseguests are probably tracking in loads of dirt and other particles with your shoes. You can make your home so much cleaner by simply designating a shoe bin or basket right by the door. Shoe racks are another great option, if you can afford them. Keeping shoes in one central location reduces the chances of clogging your house with dirt and grime.

When in Doubt, Vacuum it Out

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Your vacuum cleaner or hand-vac can be your best friend. By just giving your floors and stairs a simple go-over with your vacuum, you can instantly increase the cleanliness of your house. Plus, vacuuming can be done on tile, hardwood, and carpets, so virtually every room in the house can look brand-spanking new. You’ll love how easy this task is, and hand-vacs are a cinch. In fact, it’s kind of addicting after a while!

Be Proactive When Messes Occur

By having a pack of disinfecting wipes close at hand, you can attack spills and messes as they happen. This is a great idea if you’re the type of person who sees a mess and vows to “clean it up later.” No more of that! Disinfecting wipes allow you to instant tackle that spill or spot right away, so that it doesn’t linger and develop into an even bigger mess. This is an ideal solution when entertaining or cooking.

Be Careful Where You Dine

Thanks to TV dinners and Netflix, a lot of us have become accustomed to eating in our living rooms or bedrooms. This is even more tempting if you have a smaller home or apartment. Yet the best practice is to eat in the dining room or kitchen. Not only does it confine the food to one area (which can keep critters and pests away,) but it also encourages healthy eating habits (the television is a huge culprit for causing overeating.) Keep your food in one place and you’ll have let worries about sweeping away scraps or vacuuming up crumbs.


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