Protect Your Immune System From Spring Allergies 09.03.2016

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Allergies; it is enough to hear the name of this annoying condition to feel irritated. Seasonal allergies really know how to “season” our mood, especially those that follow in a short period – spring. For most of us flowers and flowering trees are a two-edged sword. Their flowers hide a silent killer for our airways – pollen. Allow nature to be free in expressing its beauty, and you can also enjoy it. All you need to do is to protect your immune system. Instead letting the allergy symptoms to blossom, let spring to do this and you just get ready to prevent the runny nose, congestion and asthma, sneezing and itchy eyes. Get used to the fact that in spring, your shopping list will get longer for, at least, one product plus – allergy drugs.

Take proper medicine

Allergy drugs, better known as antihistamines, can help you prevent suffering from allergies or they can stop the symptoms. Don’t take them on your hand, instead, visit or call your doctor and ask them for advice. Allergy injections, are injections that contain pollen. If you get them for a longer time, your immune system will become defensive and after some time, it’ll get used to them, which means that you won’t suffer anymore.

Go out

As much as you want to be outside, make a break and go back home. If you have children and they want to go at the park where lots of trees are in bloom, ask a person to take them instead of you, or before going, take a histamine.

Drink water and clean your face

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It may sound dull to you, but drinking water cleans the whole body, including the throat and refreshes your body. Clean your face with fresh, cold water and chamomile tea; if you’ve been outside, it’s very likely that your face has a “dust mask.” The air outside makes you a victim of pollution, and it’s not only that makes you sneeze or gives you difficulty in breathing; toxic particles and bacteria help the allergies to develop.

Eat the right and healthy food

You’ve never thought of it? Yes, unhealthy food has negative influence on your immune system, so you must take care of your diet and eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts – they are all rich with antioxidants, and they protect your body from allergies.

Clean it all

Clean your home and clean yourself – mentally, physically and emotionally. Discard everything you don’t need in your home, clean the dust and keep the fresh air! Stress is also one of the biggest enemies to our immune system. Be active! Exercise, move, take dance or yoga or art classes – whatever fits you the best. It’s important to love yourself, and your immune system will love you, too!


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