Making Your Own Affordable Window Treatments 09.03.2016

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When it comes to updating your home’s look, starting with curtains can be the quickest and easiest way to completely revamp a room! Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing brand new curtains, and possibly even the hardware can prove to be downright costly! That is precisely why making your own curtains is an excellent and affordable option!

Select fabric

To get started, you will first have to choose your material. While heading to a fabric store will more than likely be your first idea, a lower cost idea is to hit your local thrift store. Thrift stores typically have an area specifically for fabric for super low prices. If you don’t see any that you like, head over to the bedding section and check out their selection of flat sheets! This is a great option as well as flat sheets are easy to cut and sew, and are great if you are not after thicker/black-out curtains (though they can easily be lined to do so). You can also find a multitude of color schemes. If you can’t find several all black sheets, opt to alternate colors such as two blacks and two whites!

Just do it!

Sewing your own curtains truly is a matter of one, two, three… You can easily sew fabric or sheets to fit your windows, just be sure to measure to size prior to cutting and heading to your sewing machine; make sure that your lines are straight–no one likes crooked curtains! You can find an abundance of patterns and ideas to gain more inspiration online as well.

Cut the expenses

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While curtains themselves can of course be incredibly costly, as previously noted all too often it is the hardware that really takes its toll on your wallet! Again however, there are some excellent tips to cut-cost and make your window treatments stunning. Some examples to keep a look out for and possibly add to your shopping list are conduit (you can find at the local hardware store for about $2.00 for ten feet!) and a fancy finial, a wooden dowel and ping pong balls (easy to spray paint to match any color scheme), or even a pretty branch from your yard!

There are countless options out there; and the more you begin to seek out ideas, the more inspired you will become! Do some research, some measuring and hit your local stores… You’ll find that you shouldn’t have put off transforming your windows for so long!


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