Man’s Food: Cheap Easy Dinners for a Bachelor and a Family Guy 20.07.2015

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No matter if you are a single man or if you have a family, one thing is certain, men love to eat and they want to get cheap easy dinners in order to enjoy their food the right way. But one might sit and wonder, which are the best cheap family dines that a man can check out?


As you would expect, bachelors are characterized, most of the time, by the lack of skill when it comes to cooking, and because of that they might not be the best cooks out there. Don’t be put off by this, because there are many types of food that can suit a bachelor without a problem.

If the bachelor doesn’t really have time to prepare any dinner, some greens and ham, chili cheese omelets, as well as a peach crisp smoothie, a frittata and maybe a sandwich can take place of any dinner.

Moreover, a bachelor can opt for some microwave macaroni and cheese, maybe a fresh burrito bowl, a Puerto Rican rice and beans recipe or a quinoa with peppers and figs. Some shrimp can also work well, but this depends on the budget. The main idea for this category of persons is that this type of food needs to prepare fast and sometimes it has to be set within a specific set of budgets, which is crucial.

Cheap family dinners for the family guy

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The family guy loves to eat, we know that, and this is why the cheap family dinners need to be filled with nutrients and just fill the plate. A good example here is the halloumi and watermelon bulghar salad, but also the bacon and tomato spaghetti, the pizza baked potato or the kedgeree with poached egg. Moreover, then good and cheap family dinners include things like the spicy sausage and one bean pots, maybe some mushrooms and ricotta in a tart or lamb with chickpeas. Since we are talking about recipes created specifically for dinner, these have to be filled with nutrients and very tasty, so keep this information in mind as it’s crucial! Of course, do include the ratatouille here as well, since this is one of the best recipes for families!

As you can see, the family dinners don’t really need to be expensive, instead you just need to ensure that you mix the right ingredients and the results will be impressive for sure. It doesn’t matter the category you are a part of, the reality is that you will love the cheap dinners, that’s a guarantee!


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